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Give ‘em the ol’ Razzle Dazzling. Patreon reward for nuclearcore! · 6:30am Jun 1st, 2018

Well! Hell froze over, pigs are flying, dogs and cats are living together, I’m all caught up with my Patreon rewards. This one’s for you, kid nuclearcore!

He requested I talk about that MLP trio that’s near and dear to my heart, the CMC!

Sorry for accidentally memeing at you all… and also lying.

No, of course, the topic today is those sexiest of fish-horses turned ladies, the Dazzlings!

Yes, you three, for realzies. Source.

I can fill volumes about these three, but I rather write fanfics, so I’ll just cover the basics. First of all, there seem to be two major routes with these three. One, they become normal teenagers they fall into some sort of deep depression and then eventually seek the help of the very girls that stole their glory from them to get back on the right track… or I don’t know… the elect to die in a gutter, I guess. Two, they either swear revenge or maybe just decide to be generally unrepentant jerk-wads and take out their vengeance out on the world at large.

Anyone who follows my work with them probably knows the direction I head.

Far be it for me to begrudge how anyone else wants to portray them, but truth be told, I have a lot of trouble following the idea they elect to become goodie-goodies. Part of the issue is the franchise just loves redeeming characters left, right, and center, and some of these characters make more compelling villains. Hell… Even Discord still sometimes causes problems in his own little ways, though the show might be getting away from that. Still… That was a good solid three-to-four season of him messing with ponies AFTER he was allowed in the friendship club.

I also have trouble seeing it from a number of angels. First off, most the Dazzling personalities just don’t transition well to “good girl” granted, no characters really does. Sunset pretty much did a 180. Starlight is a bit more intact, but mostly because she still fumbles things hard from time to time and her controlling nature shows. Sonata transformed is a hyperactive, cheerful ditz, or blue Pinkie. Aria transformed is probably something of a laid-back, likely competitive, sarcasm machine, or purple Rainbow Dash with dashes (no pun intended) of Applejack. Adagio uh… well, if she’s not allowed to get all touchy-feely all the time regarding her new-found friendship emotions, she probably transforms into another determined leader type who wants to forgive everyone, like Sunset AND Twilight.

I mean, that’s a bit of a pickle any writer has for longevity with the characters. It’s hard to imagine a niche that isn’t already filled. Perhaps some have done it, but then you have upwards of 10 goodie-goodies to deal with, and where’s the fun in that?

Also, let’s not forget that for the better part of their lives, be it a decade or more before the events of Rainbow Rocks, be it a millennium or more before the events of Rainbow Rocks, these three where literally monsters by both pony standards and human standards

Erm… You okay, there, Sonata? Source.

One of the major reasons I favor the route where they don’t exactly just ‘fall in line’ and try to make some friends, is that humans and ponies have basically been a food source for them or at least a tool to harvest more energy to possibly fuel spells or their immortality. It’s clear despite the fact that they’re more than able to communicate with humans and ponies that they use this ability as another tool to get the upper hand on their prey.

Prey is the key word here, everyone has just been prey to them for the most part. I mean, from their perspective, they’re objectively better than everyone around them. This is especially true if one assumed they’ve been on earth inspiring the legends of the sirens or even 1,000 years. People to them are short-lived, ephemeral things whose countries and even empires have likely collapse in relatively short amounts of time. Outside a way to further their survival, why would they really want to make friends with these things?

In this regard, it’s somewhat hard to categorize them as ‘evil’. At least, they’re not willfully evil, they’ve just never had cause to care about ponies or humans. It’s certainly still fitting to call them monsters, and maybe, like vampires, they could sustain themselves without the conflict (such things are left up to the author), but a key difference with vampires is that vampires where once human. The Sirens where born to feed on emotions (as far as we know).

We could absolutely stop, but why? Source.

Thinking about it from their perspective, they’ve been the alpha predator for possibly longer than anyone on the planet has been alive, depending on how long assumes they’ve been there. The idea that they’d make lasting relationships hasn’t likely occurred to them in a while. In fact, it might never have occurred, but hey… Maybe they’ve taken a liking to some more closer to a level like pets from time to time.

Still, they have been bested twice, and the second time cost them their magic and immortality, so that’s gotta be reason for a retrospective. I still maintain that initial friendships might be more out of an attempt at survival or to get the upper hand, at least initially. Still, they’re capable of meaningful interactions… or at least mental manipulation outside magic to get what they want. And after a time, who knows? Maybe they can make real friendships and relationships outside each other who are annoying as hell but also naturally superior fish-people

“Are just better than everyone!” is the end of that sentence. Deal with it.

I also do like the idea that their immortality was something of a curse, biologically speaking. That is, it kept them young and yes, still able to learn skills and adapt, but still kept their minds perpetually at the level of teenagers. Now, as you may know, human brains don’t finish developing until around the age of 25, meaning the girls would be running around not ever able to reach their full intellectual potential… though actually, this effects their ability to empathize and think of others. They also tend to think with their emotions first. Which… kinda explains… well… everything.

Regardless of how you feel, these girls are on a mission and it’s likely to walk straight to your heart.

And possibly rip it out, whether you want them to or not. Source.

Well, I think that covers a good overview of how I treat the girls. Never read my Dazzling stuff and intrigued? Go ahead and browse my stories for pretty much anything with them or go with the one tagged in this blog. Wanna get in on the blogging fun? Patreon rewards are there!

Thanks again to nuclearcore for the topic! See you all next month!

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God Damnit Nuclearcore! That was my idea for this month!

*mumbles something about needing a new thing*

I'm happy to talk about any of the girls individually. I considered doing that here anyway, though I managed to get a pretty complete post just discussing them in general.

Also forgot to mention one tidbit and that's that I thought it interesting that the girls mostly seem to keep a low profile on "earth". The did manage to control pretty much an entire school, but there are probably some limits to their power that make it so drawing too much attention might mean mobs, militia, or angry governments. OR maybe they learned something from fangling with Star Swirl.

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