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  • Today
    Emi's gonna be getting an unwelcome surprise pretty soon.

    Just sayin'.

    She didn't expect it, Starlight didn't expect it, the ponies who (maybe) were cornering her didn't expect it.

    Y'know, just magic stuff.

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  • Sunday
    What kind of cover art would you like to see for Pony-Me's reboot?

    A) The original cover art of Pony-Me
    B) Placeholder stock image VR headset
    C) Newly commissioned cover art
    D) 3D modeled and rendered cover art, with something along the lines of the below:

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  • Saturday
    Worlds Reset is now shelved.

    In all seriousness, I really haven't had much drive going anymore for this story. I don't want it to drag on any longer, but at the same time I don't wish to cancel it like I have for just about every other story that this has happened to.

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  • Friday

    Un tyoungbin by ogine now. I have a few kinferingbtgkuntsc that I was t with able to say before.

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  • Friday
    night thoughts

    uonestly, i reaally dont know how to desxcrtibe this. please ignore the typos. just this once, i'd like to write without worrying about tjte little things like that.

    what does it mean to be me?

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Working on my next avatar change · 12:10am May 30th, 2018

It's basically gonna be an evolution of the one I had before this one. I'm leaving it at this for today, complete with its colorful non-gradient placeholder color glory.

Also, grid line overlay. ^_^

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