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Chapter 18, Writing Music, and Infinity War · 7:52pm May 29th, 2018

Hi-ho, schmuckos. Your friendly neighborhood Goldenwing here with another blog post. Draft is coming along nicely. I've been writing everyday with the aid of The Empty Horizons Discord. I like to just pop into voice comms, call up my music bot, and put some tunes on in a public place every day while I write. People join and add their own songs to the queue and we chat and have a good time. You're missing out, really. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fake news.

Also, there's this one guy (known as Noc among those in the know) who has supplied all my writing music for like three days. And his list has dried up. I need some fresh genetic stock, people. If this inbreeding keeps up I might have to write chapters to We Are Number One remixes, and I'm pretty sure that meme died last year.

By the way, have you lot seen Infinity War? I mean, wow. No spoilers here, don't worry. All I can say is that I count myself lucky to live in a timeline where some studio execs decided to give their writers a bit of creative freedom instead of stamping them into a mold. Damn that was a bravely written movie, and worth every penny. Go watch it in theatres. It'll make you not feel so good, but in a good way.

Anyways, I'm back to the draft. There's this slick piece by Caravan Palace on and if I keep shaking my foot to the rhythm like this then my roommate's cat may just gore my toe. Come keep me company? The usual gang isn't on till practically midnight.

Wait wait—one more thing! Emojis. I want some custom emojis for the Discord designed after EH characters. If you've got the arts to make that happen and make it happen good then there's a reward in it for you. Something like an OC cameo, but nothing important. Like I'm fine with giving you a character but I'll be damned if it lessens the story as a whole. Of course if you're the creative sort maybe you'll have a cool idea and my co-author will agree it's a cool idea. The latter part is unlikely, but who knows. Point is, there's a demand for some emojis here.

Just art in general, really. Who doesn't like fanart?

Okay, for real this time. I missed the whole song thanks to that.

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