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I am the culmination of self-inserts.

  • TSmoke and Amber
    It's been a week for Delta since her encounter with the stallion that rocked her world... and today she makes another discovery that leads to her remembering more about him.
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Progress Update · 12:11am May 29th, 2018

Just wanting to let you all know that I'm doing my best in regards to getting some updates done... believe it or not sometimes writing can be hard and I hate forcing myself, because I end up getting rather unhappy with the finished product.

If I'm not happy with it, than why would I allow anyone to read it?

I want this stuff to be the absolute best, because you guys deserve the absolute best despite me delving into cancerous tropes and rehashing older shit with my own twist on it.

So with that said.

A Volatile Mixture stands at roughly 6000 words and is getting close to being finished, just be patient.

Without You is at 1000, not close to being done but I can get that one done soon if I buckle down.

ADSIACS, a secret project, is close to being finished in terms of cleaning up, then I can get back to making more chapters.

Not sure about anything else, but those are the two I'm working on at the moment.

But thank you all for your patience, and stay tuned :heart:

Report Dustchu · 326 views · Story: Smoke and Amber · #update progress
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Comments ( 2 )

Glad to hear it. (hopes that Little Lost Raichu gets a sequel or prequel).

O&O number one fan (sorry for delay been dealing with stuff sorry for no support if ya needed it) here again how's it doin buddio hope you're able to get out of this "self hating rut" you're in been there here's a few tips I use when I'm in ya shoes

Step 1: dont drink so much if you do it hurts you in the long run with creativity

Step 2: don't smoke weed if you do causes laziness learned that the hard probably the reason I don't buckle down and write on this site

Step 3: go on reading journey i go to 4Chan and surf /mlp/ for some ideas just stay away from the trash threads there as they will call you a faggot some threads i recommend but are not limited to cyoa, bat pony threads, anonymous in equestria, writefags(i think there's a board for writing can't Remember but these do help for drafting ideas just remember that everyone hates everyone there sorry in advance)

Step 4: is kinda pointless but still might help with motivation if you arnt happy with it remember there's always somebody that could do worse than you even if that's second best at least you beat a chump below you:moustache:

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