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Regarding my headcanon... · 9:03pm May 28th, 2018

I've probably been a terrible MLP fan lately, because I haven't been able to bring myself to watch any further than "The Mane Attraction", and matters haven't been made any better for me by a poorly inaugurated new pairing for Big Mac, a dramatic change in Rumble's in-show personality and several other details that have put me off wanting to watch beyond Season 5 (or 6, if I'm brave enough). In short, I'm really struggling to keep up with all the changes in the series, and have come to a heavy-hearted decision - as of now, I'm officially throwing in the towel and keeping my headcanon (the Locoverse) strictly to itself beyond "Top Bolt". I may include elements of one or two episodes beyond The Cutie Re-Mark, but the only way I'm going to start watching any further into the series in earnest is if Hasbro brings that God-awful Sugarmac pairing to an end (albeit on friendly terms as a compromise between the shippers and the detractors), and gets its act together regarding character portrayals and the storylines in general. I know I'm probably being a bit petty about it, but I've seen that sort of thing for myself when the writing quality of a certain other series began to suffer under head writer Sharon Miller (disturbing coincidence much?).

Also, before anyone starts blasting me with "Oh, but Sugarmac is canon now, you have to ship it," I have at least two defences:
1: Starlight Glimmer had been playing around with the space-time continuum, so by that logic it's virtually impossible to define what's canon anymore.
2: Fluttermac (one of my OTPs) has been around since the start of the series, and the number of related artworks on Derpibooru still ranks higher than any other Big Mac or Fluttershy pairing I've seen at the time of writing.

I know I'm probably being kinda petty about this, but I've just been having a really difficult week, and it's rather taken its toll on my mood. The fact that the second most recent episode effectively trolled the shippers of Cheerimac, Fluttermac, Twimac and so on hasn't helped either, nor has the fact that I've been struggling to get the hang of a new piece of machinery which could really launch me into the model railway market - if I can get it to work properly.

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I know. Sugarmac was a massive blow for Cheerimac shippers. A lot of the more recent episodes just haven't been exciting, and for the most part I found the Young 6 annoying. Cozy was good though...

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