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Author's Notes For Sci-Twi · 2:00pm May 27th, 2018

Even if I had sent this story to an editor, they would not have been able to catch that I misspelled the frickin' TITLE and left it that way on the site for six hours while sleeping. I'd downvote me too. It may be fixed now, but the damage is done. It probably won't get any readers now. Oh well.

This was a Burritoverse story I never expected to write, but I'm glad I did. It was fun to get into humanoid Twilight's head. Unlike most of my author notes, I'm not going to say much about the underlying plot, save that there is one. Some readers have gotten onto me in the past for making pony Twilight Sparkle "a terrible person". At least this Twilight has motivation.

Writing this story required looking up every ingredient she put in her burrito and checking the nutritional values. Also, call back to Adagio not being able to eat cilantro.

You'll note I moved this story to earlier in the timeline than other Burrito stories. That's because this one takes place during the period after Orangeglow died but before Sonata got her job at the Burrito Barn. OR, it takes place on one of Sonata's days off, but let's go with the first one for easiness.

Originally, I had this story take place six weeks after Rainbow Rocks, but changed it at the last minute to four, partly for the above, partly because I wanted to make sure it still took place during the school year.

What were the music references in this story? Well, there are two -- the obvious one of Thurl Ravenscroft singing "No Dogs Allowed" from Snoopy, Come Home, and also an oblique reference to the Little Feat song "Drivin' Blind". I wish I could have put more in, but I'm very OCD about word count and simply couldn't think of much music to weave in, as Twilight's highly analytical brain does not lend herself to such flights of fancy.

Perhaps I'm running out of steam. Don't worry; the Burritoverse will end soon. All I have left are Octavia's story where I got stuck, then Sunset and Sonata meeting again. I may or may not write a story where Sonata gets her job at the Barn. I put her there by authorial fiat and I'm perfectly happy to leave it that way.

What more can I say without laying all my cards on the table? Well, EQG-verse Twilight isn't crazy, per se, but she's definitely headed that way. One reader already correctly guessed what's going on (not like the clues I left are particularly difficult to follow).

So, if you've read this story, especially before I fixed that stupid typo, and gave me the benefit of the doubt, thank you.

Peace out!

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