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That Sweet Addiction · 8:28pm May 26th, 2018

So how you guys liking the new story? Just something I thought I'd roll with as an outlet to my more random irreverent thoughts. But I'm not talking about that here, as there's something else I like to talk about while it's still fresh on my mind, and that is Pokemon. Pokemon White, to be precise.

Backstory: after having beaten Pokemon UM a few months back, I figured I'd tackle a game I've actually been wanting to play this past year, which was Pokemon White. While plenty of fans consider it the worst gen of the series, I was still intrigued by mentionings of it having the best story of the series, and the likes of characters such as N and Ghetsis and Colress in the sequel definitely piqued my interest. So having sated my hunger for Pokemon, I decided the next thing to do was play more Pokemon.

A couple things about the fifth gen: I forgot how sluggish the UI was in older games, especially when it comes to navigating the item screens. And yes, a bunch of the creature designs are bad, and the online functions are pointless since, well, who's playing a game from 2011 for its online features? Those aside, this was still a game worth investing time into.

The initial challenge really caught me offguard as I had just come off the delectable cakewalk that was Ultra Moon's story campaign, with gym leaders' mons being higher leveled and more powerful than mine, there not being any efficient grind spots early on, and frickin' Team Plasma Patrats always using Bide and one-shotting me in two turns because I can't kill them fast enough GRRRR! (probably not helped by the fact I went with the weakest starter of the gen, but dang it I love my snekky-poo!). However, after the third gym things got easier. My team coverage had gotten more diverse and stronger, I could exploit STABs more often and leveling got to be easier, so that toward endgame I was nearly ten levels higher than the competition.

Storywise, I did quite like it. I had come to see why N was such hot shit, but I was rather surprised by the development and interactions with your two rivals. Bianca's little storyline actually got me to cry when she confronted her dad outside the musical theater (mainly because this was the only time the tune "Emotion" played, and damn that's exactly what those piano notes gave me) and the gym leaders themselves! It amazes me how involved they were in with the happenings of the game instead of just being roadblocks. Gen 4 had this going on sorta, but to this length. Bit annoying how for some of these places I needed to do an errand before tackling a gym, so consider my relief at reaching Iccirus City and being able to step into the 7th gen straightaway, no hassle!

However, something truly memorable came about in the wee hours of this morning, and is the reason for me writing this post in the first place.

So yesterday I had gotten the 8th badge and made it to Victory Road, so after finishing up season 1 of BoJack Horseman (good show btw) I decided to get through this area and make a stop at the Elite Four. But after getting there, I decided to take them on anyway because they were another highlight of the game I was excited to face (for kickass music and ma boi Grimsley). It went fairly well, although the opponent levels had gone up rather high in relatively little time, but I still managed to take them out... until I got to Marshal, whose Throh destroyed my flying type and proceeded to annihilate three more of my party before I took him down. Arrogance on my part, sure, but using Stone Edge on my Sigi you cheap shot bastard!

Then we get into the endgame, where another of Gen 5's unique traits is revealed: instead of facing the region champion, you take on the game's mascot legendary pokemon, your 'evil' rival, AND the boss of the gen's criminal group, in a row! I was already aware of this weeeeeeell ahead of time, and I was definitely excited to get through it and claim victory. Catching Zekrom was no real fuss, and the final fight with N was appropriately intense and awesome. But I mean Jesus Christ, his Archeops wiped out half my team, I mean the hell??? This guy who I've been backhanding throughout my adventure and he comes in with this rock bird to pulverizes my crew. But, silly me, the Rock Flying type is weak to Electricity, so if I'd sent out Zekrom right away I'd have saved myself the heartache. But I mean, WHAT???

Ohhhhhh, but the real dire straits didn't come up until Ghetsis came up to show baboo N how daddy G curbstomps impudent shitheads. Cofragrius, a total wall, but manageable... but then Hydreigon comes along and... For the very first time in all my time playing Pokemon games, I had doubts that I'd actually be able to beat this guy. That f****ing hydra mo-jo just about one-shotted everything I threw at him! He had a STAB move for just about everyone on my team, except my Chandelure, but even then he hit like a garbage truck battering ram. That stupid lizard had me walled... I, had never, used so many, Max Revives, in all my past Pokemon ventures. Combined.

But, I eventually whittled him down, and was able to get through the rest of his team fairly quickly. And so I get my ending, watch N's tender farewell, and find myself still awake at 7:30 in the morning. Those final battles were rough, arduous, and frustrating... but I'd be damned if it didn't have me invested. Aside from Cynthia, no other final Pokemon battle had me so on the edge of my seat, dreading a humiliating defeat right at the pinnacle. It was just... amazing. And very exhausting. But truly memorable.

Of course, that's not the end of things. There's still a quarter of the world map that needs exploring, and more legendaries to capture, and a lot more leveling to do before I retake the Elite Four and face the Champion for a proper place in the Hall of Fame. And after that... there's always the sequel.

And that was my little Pokemon adventure I wanted to share with you all. Any of you guys familiar or fans of Gen 5? What gen was most memorable to you, and why? Fav moments, mons, so forth? In any case, I'm off to make dinner. So like always, all the best.

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