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Hey! It’s your favourite boxer here. Just chilling. Won’t be on much though we can catch up on discord.

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How my day was today! Actually, almost about everyday is the same! · 12:06pm May 24th, 2018

Too many assignments we have to catch up on school! AHHHH!!!!! I NEED A VACATION! Imagine having 28 students inside the classroom and half of them would just mess around!

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Thats my class room in a nutshell i turned around in maths today and some guy was smacking another guy with a ruler while two girls were throwing rubbers at eachother

Same! What’s wrong with this world these days?! 🤔😅

Yeah, that’s actually what happens when a relief teacher is teaching a class. They just think they can get away with anything. 😏

You're a kid, learning is your job, we adults don't get vacation and so shouldn't you.
Don't worry though, the kids messing around is only in mandatory education (elementary, middle and high school) it's gone by the time you go to university/college when all the students have to pay lots of attention cause there is a lot to go through so no repetition and no homework checks, it's all on you to do or you fail.
Also when you get split in high school according to grades it improves, at least if you get good grades and end up in the class which is full of nerds :twilightblush:
P.S. consider yourself lucky, my classes were 40 kids large and for the first 9 (out of 12) years I shared them with total morons that most had criminal charges even at that ages

I don’t mind at all! It’s just been that long since I posted a blog that’s all! Well yeah teens are still kids btw.

You're a kid till you turn 22 (for avarge boys) or 17 (for avarge girls) in my book, only past that age you properly matured

Oh my, the worst I did was get in lots of fights, my dad is Brazilian and I grow up in Israel, so got lot of "Brazil is a w***" yells at school, which is just so dumb, but bullies ain't the sharpest pencil in the pencil case. Mind you there was this one super annoying bully in 9th grade that was just tiny (he was like 1.50m and I was 1.70, as I was always tall for my age) and at the end of the year I just cornered him alone after we got our end of year diplomas and beat the heck out of him, he never annoyed me again after that.
Besides that? I had my two front teeth broken by a bully in 12th grade, but I did broke his glasses afterwards and smashed his head in with a chair, so I'd call that even :derpytongue2:

College student having the same problems here.

Have you got a 11 week term because i do and i remember you saying you lived in ipswitch or somewhere near there

If you can afford it you can learn karate to protect yourself. Trust me it’s fun. :pinkiehappy:

Mhm. I’m not saying my school’s name because that’s too personal.

Just don’t let the haters get their way!

It was in a hidden corner, so no, not that they would have cared, he was a total tool anyway, being a jerk to everyone.

4868677 karata isn't good for self protection, I made it to blue belt and it nothing for my self protection, karata and most marshel arts are too formal to help in actual fighting, you want to learn krav maga if you want real street self protection! "Krav Maga, we don't care if the opponent survive"

Wasnt asking for it just wanted to know if you had an 11 week term

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