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welcome to my bit of the internet, where i have no idea what im doing. (kinda)

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  • 89 weeks
    well....i feel silly!

    A while back a user said he hoped I was basing Tempora off of somepony called Lights Tempora....only now do I realize there was supposed to be an apostrophe in the word "Light's"........and I feel silly for not realizing it sooner! :twilightsheepish: :facehoof: (that comic is cool btw, also nicely drawn)

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  • 99 weeks
    I am so sorry

    Ok. it been a month...... and I'm stuck. I'm out of ideas. what I want from the story right now before I continue the story to (CAN'T TELL YOU THAT), is a few more bonding moments between Duke and the foals.

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  • 102 weeks
    Whats This!?

    Cover art for something that's been just a draft for WAY too long that I'm finally working on. your free to guess what it is!

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  • 107 weeks

    For anyone who wonders what Tempora looks like.....

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  • 109 weeks

    ok, I've been working on a sequel/prequel for RFTBOD, but you know what I'm stuck on? a joke. should I give it to Celestia, or Luna? makes more sense continuity wise for the sun princess, but it makes more sense personality wise for luna. any thoughts?

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New story comin soon! · 5:09pm May 22nd, 2018

Basically what it says in the title.

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