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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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I'm not sure what to do next · 8:38am May 22nd, 2018

Yeah, I'm kinda in one of those moments when it comes to my writing. I have about another week or so before June begins, which means I only have so much time to write out stuff for one of my personal projects. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to focus on first since I have too many options. I'd ask on Patreon, but I currently only have 8 Patrons (plus, I have a poll planned for them on my June commission project). So I figured since I have over 700 followers, maybe you guys can lemme know what I should work on next:

Option 1: Shut Up And Dance, chapter 28 - I have about 1400 words written so far, and I think I have a good idea what the focus on the chapter would be about.

Option 2: Chronicles of a Sluttified Spike, chapter 18 - This has over 2100 words written, but mostly of setup and story stuff. It's going to be set during Nightmare Night, and a while after the events involving Rarity and the Diamond Dogs. With this one, I have a little difficulty grasping the right relationship she and Spike would have following their previous chapter; plus, I was a little unsure who could show up for the clop segments. I was considering either Garble and his friends (as an apology present from Twilight), or something involving Big Macintosh and/or some friends of his. (Either way, Spike wouldn't be the only one involved~) If anyone is wanting this, be sure to lemme know what ideas could work.

Option 3: SFW Comedy fic - I don't want to spoil much about this idea, but it involves Twilight bringing her friends to the castle for an emergency meeting after discovering a pack of cigarettes.

Option 4: Private Moments, chapter 15 - I don't have anything written out yet, but I already know what the idea would be. It involves that mysterious film-reel that was delivered to Troy and Canvas, and a couple of Changelings with another OC. I based it off a chapter of A Change of Perspective, although my story would be slightly different due to differing canon accuracies.

Option 5: Growth and Change, chapter 5 - Due to the fact that the whole story was already pre-planned and discussed with the commissioner, I don't feel obliged to say anything about what this chapter would contain. However, it would be a bit sweeter and less fetishy than the previous chapters were.

So, yeah... Just comment below and lemme know which one you think would be good to focus on for the rest of the month. And if you want to further help contribute to my work, please consider following me on Patreon, or possibly donating to my Paypal for support.

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Comments ( 11 )

I vote for Shut Up And Dance, your SFW shipping stories are the best.

Shut up and dance has my vote 100%!

Yep. Shut Up and Dance. I adore that story.

Chronicles of a Sluttified Spike and Private Moments:moustache:

People seem to enjoy Shut Up and Dance, so I'm gonna go with the majority here and vote that.

Also don't overwork yourself, hon. If you do then I'll have to be the breadwinner and we'll end up on the streets.


I'd say shut up and dance. Although private moments would be good as well

Shut me up and Dance, better know as Shut Up and Dance!

do the one your closest to finishing up.
if they are both equal
write the one that you have more ideas for.
if that doesn't work. flip a coin. :3
personally id like more slut spike. but that's because you mentioned garble the other dragons and twilight (twilightdragongangbang)

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