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    So...Inactive for a year straight.

    I honestly forgot how to do character interaction on fimfiction (Is that how you call them?). I got so used to Role Playing on a group called Twitter Ponies that my motivation grew smaller and smaller on this site.

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    Redo? 4E9676

    Hey guys!

    Quick blog post, Shpuld I redo “You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us” chapters 2-6?

    I could add more dialogue and such stuff. And no i’m not redoing the whole story. Just simple delete, redo, and post.

    Any opinions on that idea? I like to hear what you guys like to say.

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    "My name is-"

    Cut the words out, i'm here for the taking.

    Heya guys, it's me Genuis, (Jokes are idk). I have a special announcement. "Sonic Forces: Equestria is Under Attack" is getting a revamed, yes i said Revamed.

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    Yeah, i'm still here

    YO! I'm not dead.

    Hey guys, Genuis here (Ok, i'm about done with these jokes). I have posted a new story, a spinoff to "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us". That story is called "Alone, But Not Forever". I'm just here to post that. A new blog of what's to come is most likely coming this July.

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    It's Summer Time!

    Oh shoot. I left this account dead for a while *SLAP IN THE HOOVES*

    Heya guys, Genuis (Or Bashy, call me whatever now adays) here, i am here on a progress report on what has been going on in my life, the fimfiction account, and the story progress and preview on Chatper 8 of "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us!" (MAY CHANGE BEFORE RELASE)

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It's Summer Time! · 3:46am May 22nd, 2018

Oh shoot. I left this account dead for a while *SLAP IN THE HOOVES*

Heya guys, Genuis (Or Bashy, call me whatever now adays) here, i am here on a progress report on what has been going on in my life, the fimfiction account, and the story progress and preview on Chatper 8 of "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us!" (MAY CHANGE BEFORE RELASE)

Let's begin with this. School has been busy the last couple of months and i had a lot of stress writing the 1 important story in my whole entire life. Gladly, Summer is approching which means, the account will be working fine for the next 2 months and half (Unless somehow i get more demotivated).

After the last update back in April, Sunny has finished on Chapter 5 (I think, i'm lazy to check lol), Also *Cough Cough* Sunny you should check Twitter btw, i just sended Chapter 6 like 2 weeks ago. Anyways, expect "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us" Chapter 8 possibley, i mean possibley Late June early July. The Progress i have on that Chapter is around 40% done.

The preview your going to use right now is an UnProof Version of Chapter 8. Enjoy the small preview. (I'm not joking, this chapter is going to be 4,000 words - 6,000 words long)

Chapter 8 (UnProof Read Preview)

The next day, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Thunderlane are looking high and low for Rumble, Button, and Shady Daze. 2 ways they could have gone, Ponyville and or the dangerous forest. A search party has begun in Camp Cutie Mark for the three colts.

"Rumble! Where are you!" Thunderlane yelled as loud as he can. "Come out along with your friends!"

No answer was heard and Thunderlane is starting to get really worried. The Cutie Mark Crusaders and looking at the direction the colts possibly ran to, but are also worry that they might have gotten lost.

"I'm really worried about Button." said Sweetie Belle as she looks at a treestump. "I hope we can find him and the two."

"Don't worry Sweetie Belle, we'll find them soon!" said Apple Bloom as she and Scootaloo trot over to Sweetie Belle.

"Your right" Sweetie Belle said. "They coudn't have gotten far in 12 hours. They might have stayed close!"

"Well, one of them might be closer." said Scootaloo as she looks at some hooftracks spliting up. "Two of them heading off to who knows where, and another one going all over the place. Hmmm"

"Seems strangely fimilar." Apple Bloom said as she looks at the hoof tracks. "Three colts, one of them always going crazy on something......."

"It must be Button!" Sweetie Belle shouted as she knows the hoof tracks. "He always does that if he's confused and or lost!"

The three fillys head off to the direction where Button Mash possibly went to. The only problem is if he's in any trouble from any kind of monster, stranger, or getting stuck. Thunderlane is still searching for Rumble high above the forest and mountains but there's no luck of him and Shady Daze.

"How much longer do the two of us have to trot for Rumble! I'm getting tired, i mean serious!" Shady Daze said as the two colts are in the deeper part of the forest.

"I don't know, and i'm pretty sure leaving Button behind wasn't a really good idea....." said Rumble as he sighs and shakes his head. "Who knows what kind of trouble he has gotten into!"

"It was dark! Us two couldn't lead him to us." Shady Daze said as he stops for a bit.

"I bet the girls already found him by now and lead him into good way of Cutie Marks....." Rumble said as he looks at the sky. "Or should i say the bad way!"

"Heh, you got that right. Who needs Cutie Marks anyways, it's only for dumb colts and fillys." said Shady Daze as he look at Rumble.

"What's the main purpose, future events in our life?! Bla Bla Bla....." Rumble looks at the direction where Camp Cutie Mark is and suddenly hears his brother. "Oh jeez, hide the bushes!"

Thunderlane lands on the ground looking high and low at the trees for his little brother. Rumble and Shady are keeping quiet as Thunderlane nearly almost spotted them.

"No trace of them here..... I must check on the Cutie Mark Crusaders." Thunderlane quickly flys off where the CMC'S are. "Oh i know this is my fault, i shound't have had him in the camp!"

After Thunderlane left, the two colts come out of hiding and continue deep into the forest without Button Mash.

Speaking of Button, he is alone and somewhat scared without being with anypony in almost 15 hours. Literally scared.

"Heeelllooo! Anypony out here? Rumble? Shady!" No answer, Button is looking everwhere he can think of. "A-At least i have my joy-"

Button looks at his own joyboy with no battery, suddenly he let's out a yell that somewhat shakes trees a half mile away.

"What do i do! Do i go back to Camp Cutie Mark where they'll just say get my Cutie Mark over and over again?" Button starts panicking as he circles around a bush. "Or do i just stay in the forest with nopony around me?!"

A few seconds eariler, the CMC'S heard Button's yell less than a half mile away. They could possible hear him talk as nomal already.

"Come on we're almost there!" Sweetie Belle said to the two fillys. "He must be here!"

"It doesn't seem like he is in not much trouble." said Scootaloo.

"Let's get him back to the Camp then we'll find Rumble and Shady Daze!" Apple Bloom said as she and Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo reach the location where Button is.

"Button!" Sweetie Belle yelled around. "Come out! We're here to help you, well if you want help."

"......." No answer. Just total silence from the colt.

"We know your around here, we heard your yell!" Scootaloo said as she looks at a ton of moving bushes and trees.

"Oh well, i guess i'll destroy your original Joyboy in your bunk bed!" Sweetie Belle smirks.

"......." No answer again. Button has no where to go due to the three fillys being a bit faster than him.

"Oh, look at the time, gota go!" Button pops out of the bush and runs straight behind to the trees. "You'll never be able to catch me haha! Acutally what was i talki-"

"After him!" Apple Bloom said to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

"Yes ma'am!" Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo said together.

"What the heck?! Let me go through!" Button Mash said as suddenly Thunderlane is blocking the way where he is going.

"Not so fast, uhhhhhh" Thunderlane said as he forgets Button's name.

"Button Mash...."

"Ah, right. Your going back to Camp Cutie Mark and be staying there." said Thunderlane as he looks at Button.

"But it's boring! Cutie Marks serve no purpose!" Button said as he stomps his hooves. "It'll be hard to catch me!"

After a few minutes of arguing, the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally catches up after handeling some forest animals. The animals were ok though.

"Button! Please listen!" Sweetie Belle said as he looks directly at Button Mash. "Cutie Marks DO Serve a purpose!"

“About the future?!” Button said as he rolls his eyes. “I only see them getting easy!”

“Your wrong, Button you play video games everyday and never got a Cutie Mark!” Said Scootaloo as she turns to Button.

“She’s right! Also our campers took a couple of days to get their Cutie Marks!” Apple Bloom said as she remembers about Kettle Corn, Skeedaddle, and Pipsqueak.

“Say what now?” Said Button as he didn’t understand.

“Look, What we’re trying to say is that Cutie Marks are important to foals like us! When we get our Cutie Marks, We can do what the Cutie Marks resembles!” Sweetie Belle said as she looks directly, I mean directly at Button.

Joystick Cutie Mark = Gamer.......Acutally it make scence Well a little bit...” Button said in his though. “I.....Say Yes! Say No!Yes! No..... Yes!”

The three filly’s along with Thunderlane might have broken Button with the information they said.

“Geez, we broke him!” Scootaloo said as she rolls her eyes.

“While he is still thinkin’ , let’s just lead him back to te camp and find Rumble And Shady!” Apple Bloom said as they will have to go on the other path to look for them.

“You Three look for them, i’ll be with Button!” Sweetie Belle said Suddenly.

“What?!” The three said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be safe!” Sweetie Belle said as she looks at the broken Button Mash as well.

“She definitely has a crush on Button Mash....” Scootaloo whispers to Apple Bloom.

“eeup....” Apple Bloom responded like the way her big brother Big Mac does.

“Let’s find them quick, it’s getting dark soon and it’s going to be harder!” said Thunderlane.

“Right sir!” The two filly’s respond.

“We’ll Be heading back to camp.” Sweetie Belle said. “Aaaand maybe knock the sense out of Button... maybe...”

“Take care and we’ll see you tommorw!” Apple Bloom said.

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