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Chapter 17, Forgetfulness, and Conan · 8:42am May 21st, 2018

Hey there, buckos. I just finished the Chapter 17 draft, clocking in at a hefty 10,730 words. I really have no excuse as to why it's been so long since I updated. I mean, two months, what? It's not like I was particularly out of ideas or even very busy. I just kinda closed the draft one day and didn't think about it for a bit. Sorry about that. Good news is that my co-author has already reviewed all but the last 500 words and Mint is halfway through, so I might even update today! Woohoo!

Somebody pointed out in a comment a bit ago that they had been reading Empty Horizons for two years, which logically means that I've been writing it for two years. And again I was just like, whoa, what? Has it really been that long? I worked on my previous story, Omega, for five years, y'know. Don't check it out. It was my first, and y'know everyone's first is pretty shoddy. It's just crazy to think that Empty Horizons has done so much better in such a shorter timespan. The road to the first act finale is clear in my head now, and so here's to hoping that the fandom sticks around long enough for me to finish this tale! I gotta pick up the pace, eh?

My co-author and I picked up Conan: Exiles a couple days ago. I've heard all sorts of bad stuff about that game before but man, it's really impressed us with its release build! I'll take a few pictures of our place.

Front View
From Above
Interior at Night

I'm really quite proud of it. It's really cool to be living in some kind of adobe mountain fortress, and expansions are being made every day.

Anyways, look out for that update! Coming in any day now.

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