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Everfree Northwest 2018 Day 3 · 7:25am May 21st, 2018

Ah, the final day of my first convention, and it was the most chill. Not even going in chronological order here, but given I decided to skip out on the unveiling of the winner of the Iron Author contest—I basically just decided to sleep late—I spent some time just playing some games in the electronics room, mostly Rock Band. I bounced from there and went down to catch Ashleigh Ball's autograph, as well as Ryan Beil's (Zephyr Breeze) and Richard Newman's (who aside from voicing Cranky Doodle, apparently has also voiced a ton of other cartoon voices, like Captain Ginyu and Oolong from DBZ, and Franklin the Turtle from that old kids' TV show). After dropping their autographed pictures back in my room, I went back into the vendor hall for some final shopping and then dropped that stuff in my room also.

Then the Charity Auction. God, you should've seen some of the stuff they were auctioning off and the prices they were going up to. I ended up winning one thing that I'm pretty sure was the cheapest win of everything aside from a side order of macaroni salad from Ryan Beil's lunch. I shit you not, they sold that off for like, 40 bucks. They ended raising over 21,000 dollars for charity—that was pretty awesome.

Shortly after that was the closing ceremonies, and that was basically it for the con except for some pre-registration for next year's EFNW and a flash sale of all the merch they didn't sell. I ended up getting a cute plush of one of the mascots for 10 bucks.

And that was basically that. I ran into Olden Bronie one more time and had a quick chat, then went back to my room and started putting things together for my flight tomorrow. I have a giant plush and a bunch of prints that I want to keep straight to put in my checked bag, so I've been trying different ways to get that to work...

I'll have to figure that out tomorrow morning. At least I don't need to rush for the afternoon flight.

Overall, I'd call my first Pony-Con a rousing success. I dunno when my next may be, if I do ever go to another one, but I know it's a blast.

Here's to all of you that I met this year!

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Comments ( 6 )

I'm glad you had a good time!!

It was great to meet you, Dasher. Hope to see you again soon! Take care and safe travels.

Thank you both! And definitely, Olden, I'll have to see if and when I can attend another con.

It was a pleasure to meet you! I hope you get that plushie home safe :heart:

I did! I managed to fit her (AND all my prints when one of the staff members gave me a bunch of unfolded cardboard boxes) into my checked bag and everything got home in perfect condition! :yay: Luna will be watching my dreams from now on. :twilightsmile:

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