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I'm just a random guy who wants to read good fanfics. If you want to know anything about me, (I doubt any of you do, but you never know) just ask me

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Progress Report and Saw An Awesome Movie · 11:09pm May 20th, 2018

Howdy everyone who finds this. Boy, been over a month since I said anything here besides minor comments on stories. Hope you all have had a good time. No doubt you guys noticed the title. So let's begin
Warning, this is a long one.

First off, regarding the lack of content, my apologies. I've been VERY distracted the last few months. Especially since I got the original God Of War trilogy for my new PS3 back at early April. Very fun games, let me say. Though they are pretty difficult for me personally. I've been stuck on a certain scene in chapter 29 of SiE ever since February. Hopefully whenever I can get past it, things will go on more smoothly. As for 9 of TFATH? Oh boy, that one is barely even started. Not necessarily because we're stuck. Just that we've been so distracted. Like, seriously distracted. Pretty sure I'm more distracted than Brony but that doesn't matter. I personally hope we can get that chapter up on running by the end of summer. Highly doubtful though due to my plans, but that's not important right now. Also, I've been considering making some more stories. As of now I have at least 3 planned, but they won't be as high a priority as my first 2. The real trouble with them is starting them properly. If I ever end up finally posting them, I hope you like them.

Now, on to the movie. First off, finished watching Deadpool 2 an hour before I make this blog. Loved it. Deadpool is my second favorite comic book character of all time. Of course, Spidey is my number one. Probably because he's the one I knew about since i was a toddler when I only learned of DP around my early teens. Not gonna lie, I SERIOUSLY wish I can make my own Deadpool Displaced. Really the only reason I'm not is because I won't be able to give the character justice. I mean, Deadpool is hilarious and awesome. I won't be able to write any jokes that'll fit well with a DP Displaced. And highly doubt the action scenes I'd write will be any good. Moving on, had fun. The trailers were nice. But there was one that REALLY surprised me. Happytime Murders. Just...look up that trailer if you wanna know what I'm talking about. That's...just what the hell were those people smoking to come up with that?

Anyway, about the Deadpool movie. It was seriously fun. I loved the action scenes, the fourth wall breaking, and all the references. Including that one where Deadpool asks Cable which Sharknado are we on in his time. Or Deadpool reacting to Juggernaut, who is HUGE. And then the end credits scene, where Deadpool goes back in time to kill the "Deadpool" from X-Men Origins. I think Ryan Reynolds REALLY enjoyed that last one. I especially liked the DC references. And Wade even mentions my favorite pony. When someone told me that, I thought they were joking. But they weren't. Basically, the short version is that if you're a fan of comedy, violence, or both, you should definitely see Deadpool 2. Unless you're like a friend of mine who finds Deadpool annoying. I don't understand that but whatever.

Well, that's all for now. Until next time everyone. Which may be around the end of next month if I'm right. July 1st at the latest really, considering the 2 year anniversary and all.

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Saw, DP 2, eh? That's good! Well, it just so happens that I also have wonderful news on my end: I've received a PS4 Pro for my Birthday last Friday!

Well then happy belated birthday and congrats

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