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    Quick Update~

    Hey cuties~!

    So, quick update. A lot's gone down in the last few months, kinda overwhelming me. REALLY bad family stuff, job stuff, losing friends and all that on top this pandemic crap~! Ain't fair~! Don't wanna do it anymore~!

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    Okies, time to play~!

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    SOOOOOOOO, I'm kicking back on my Commissions and got some big things coming~!

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    Pause Time~!

    Hey cuties~!

    Some of you know, but I got some family stuff going on right now. It's icky and I don't wanna go into details. Because SO NOT FUN :(

    Means all my stories gotta be on hold. They've been on hold for what feels like FOREEEEVVVVEEEERRRRRRR~! But gonna be longer. Maybe 2 more~?

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    Guess Who Got a Patreon?! (Me~!)

    Hiiiii there~!

    A few of you cuties suggested this, so gonna try having a PATREON~!

    I totes have no idea what I'm doing, tho. I checked on a bunch of other peeps to see how they made it all work nice and pretty, then kinda did my own thing~?

    Means stuff might change, but the big things are...

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Temptreseses is Out! · 6:57pm May 16th, 2018

[Adult story embed hidden]

I really wanted to finish the story totally before letting you awesome sexy people see it, but I couldn't help myself!!!! I'm a total addict. I love writing these!!!!

NOW! Go get your bimbo on!!!! And a lot of fun sexy stuff!

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Comments ( 1 )

Not going to lie, I laughed at the ‘Go get your bimbo on!!!!’ bit xD

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