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  • 8 weeks
    Possibly not dead

    So it's been a very long time... Stuff happened IRL.

    Now I'm finally begining to have more free time. However I have to admit I may have run into a brick wall with "Arrival at Dusk". I had ideas but felt restrained somehow.

    So I let my imagination run wild and that's what I got:


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  • 212 weeks
    Drawings in Arrival

    It seems the host of the drawings I used in the "Arrival at Dusk" kicked the bucket? Anyone knows a stable host site, as FimFiction doesn't play nice in any way with google drive when it comes to drawings (shame imho)?

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  • 267 weeks
    Current state of things

    Hi there everyone! I'm writing this short blog post to explain a few things about the current state of my "writing-time" and why it looks like that... As I feel this long break demands an explanation.

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  • 344 weeks
    Not dead, just busy...

    Well the title of this blog should say it all, really. Real life went into overdrive for a long while killing my muse.

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  • 446 weeks
    A quick reflection

    So as you probably saw I posted a new story... silly me, I know. However this idea just wouldn't go away so I decided to do something with it. Concerning the Apprentice of the Stars, it's coming, this time it really will be this Sunday.

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Some good news · 7:35pm Oct 27th, 2012

Sometime tomorrow or at the very least on Monday, I will post the next chapter of the Apprentice. My situation isn't as good as I would have wished it to be... but I used what time I could to put the chapter together.

Of course the exact time will depend on my proof-reader which is now The Archimedes.

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