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Paternity Vessel · 12:58pm May 15th, 2018

I'm working away at a story, and I had a related idea I can't fit into it. That means it's random headcanon time! Quasi-spoilers for "Grannies Gone Wild" if you haven't yet seen it.

In that episode, we met Jack Pot, a unicorn stallion who is almost certainly Trixie's father. He was actually born in Las Pegasus, his own father working in a time when gambling was still a major part of the city's identity. Mind you, there are still plenty of games of chance to be found in Las Pegasus; they've just been swept under the rug in the intervening years.

Jack Pot's father worked when the glamor of gambling was wearing out and resort owners were becoming more circumspect about the casino part of their businesses. As such, while everypony was aware that he dealt blackjack, poker, and other card games, officially speaking, no one knew what Greedy Pot did.

Comments ( 17 )

Hah. Yu-Gi-Oh is such a broken game.

Was his wife named Honey Pot?


Does this then imply that Trixie's full name is actually "Trixie Lullamoon Pot?"

...sounds like some sort of great and powerful weed...

She took her mother's surname, though the name on her birth certificate is actually Patricia Lulamoon.

Call her Patty and she'll turn you into a teacup.

It always feels odd to look at someone else dabbling at a side character's family tree for once and being impressed by how much sense it makes without being too basic or lazy or melodramatic. I've only lightly touched on Trixie's family once, where in Brotherly Bonding Time she mentions she has a sister (or maybe half-sister, given implications of a certain tweet) that she's not really on good terms with.

Nice to have a look at your headcanon for her grandfather. :pinkiesmile:

Sounds good, I wonder if you can fit Glad Mane in there.

That would be the reference, yes. I'm not saying it's Greedy Pot's cutie mark, but green coat, blue mane, and red eyes certainly work for a pony.

That said, given all of the variants printed over the years, I'm waiting for Pot of Recursion. ("Jump through some hoops. Add 2 'Pot of' cards from your Deck to your Hand.")

Never underestimate the importance of a resource system. Or card advantage, for that matter.

Sweetened Pot, actually. Ponies called her Honey in her youth, as she'll happily tell anyone within earshot. She's where her son and granddaughter get their showmanship and sense of decorum.

The moment I decided I couldn't organically work it into the story, I knew I had to make a blog post for the idea.

It's surprisingly fun! That bit about Sweetened Pot two replies up? I just came up with that. Sadly, I don't have the art skills to back it up and take it to the levels you do.

And I just noticed that the blog itself was making the same joke in a slightly more circumspect manner.

I used to collect Yugioh cards way back when but I stopped watching the show after they went all dark and gritty.

As to this headcanon and the associated story, I like what you have. I don't necessarily LIKE Trixie, but I do feel that she was treated rather unfairly in her debut episode.


... but I stopped watching the show after they went all dark and gritty.

So... are you familiar with Season 0? The series did start as light horror before the card game got involved.

I vaguely recall Yugioh starting out with a tale of a young boy going with his friends to save his grandpa from unspeakable evil or something along those lines, but then in following years whatever warmth was there got snuffed out and Yugi was all "I am going to enjoy destroying you and everything you love". (Paraphrased)

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