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Grettings! I am Torulf, Jarl of imaginations. All I can say is that I am very good at writing but very bad at drawing artful pictures for my stories. The only reason that I write is for fun.

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    1. Traits:Jovial, Charismatic, Gluttonous.

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Character Q&A · 4:16pm May 14th, 2018

In the story known as Equestrian Viking, the main character is Alexander Hall. What is your opinion of him and how do you describe him?

1. Traits:Jovial, Charismatic, Gluttonous.
He is brave, generous, compassionate, honorable, loyal, honest and traditional - a veritable laundry list of good qualities for those seeking power. However he lack in leadership and intelligence, sometimes unable to get others to follow him, and sometimes falling victim to traps that others have set for him. However, he's well like as he is charming and outgoing. He have a remarkable ability to turn enemies into friends. Sometimes he enjoy himself a little too much losing focus on the things that matter in pursuit of simple pleasures. Is this accurate?

2. Traits:Resolute, Fearless, Strong.
He is strong and formidable. He fearless in the face of adversity and face his problems head on. He is serious and respected by those around him because of his strong sense of loyalty, honor and duty. People trust him because he can be relied upon to keep his word and deliver on his promises. He don't seek out power for his own enhancement, but serve and wield power for the benefit of all. He don't suffer fools gladly and have a no-nonsense approach to life. Is this accurate?

3. Traits:Strong, Just, Honorable.
He have a keen sense of honor and justice. He is fair and compassionate and place a high priority on keeping his friends and family safe. He show determination in the tasks he take on, and often surprise others in the manner in which he achive his goals. Generally others underestimate his intelligence and this provides him with the opportunity to surprise those around him. His weakness is in diplomacy and political skills as he's a straight talker who likes to speak truthfully and directly. Is this accurate?

Please choose and explain.

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Comments ( 43 )

I choose option number one as I see him more of an cool guy than the powerful knight of justice.

Please explain why.

I have only read till chapter two because of school and other stuff, but he seemed like a bro on that party/sleep over even though he departed so early which is still impressive considering just how much Rainbow teased him.

Then I suggest you read all the chapters of the story before you decide what he is like.

I say option 2 although he may be a bit reckless in the end he will always be there for his friends and overall shows little fear in the face of danger to protect those he cares for

honestly i choose 3. mainly due to the fact as he will keep his family and friends away from harms way but also the fact his loyalty to bring justice to a world where slavery is everywhere when everypony no matter on color, race, where they were born or sex should be free unlike celestia who kept the slavery of stallions under her rule. his means to finally end it was justified and honestly it's a good cause to fight for what he believes in.

Traits 2 and 3 sound like your best options. However, as one of the Norse Belief, a word of advice... Research Elderfathurk Runes, and remember that within the lands of Equestria these Runes will be super charged(defensive or combat runes) and give him bonuses.

Trait 2 sounds like you are going down the path of the Thunderer, to follow the example that Thor gives those who choose the Hammer. A strong warrior who uses their strength and actions to explain, more than words. A defender of the weak and crusher of the oppressive, those who follow Thor's lead are indomitable warriors that will not break. Choosing them means you want to focus on a hero who can handle most hard labor or whether assaults without care in the world, a bulwark of sorts, and usually rather large in stature. Your perfect antagonist for this character is someone stronger, who can either break a weapon that gave them strength or cause some major injury that weakened them. In doing so, you can create perfect character development through reflection of regaining their straight in either pushing past the injury or reforging their weapon.

Trait 3 sounds like you are going down the path of Tyr, the Honorable One. Those who follow his path are warriors of true honor and speak only truth when speaking, along with deal out justice upon evil. They are empowered by the One Handed's path and determine to due what they consider their "Duty", as Tyr will when Ragnarok comes despite knowing he will die in battle. These warriors are extremely honorable(DOES NOT MEAN THEY FIGHT FAIR! They will accept duels, but -will- go for a nut shot, I'm not kidding) and are extremely blunt to those speaking to them. Lying is against what they believe, and will approach a matter with justice and truth within their heart. The perfect antagonist for THIS type of character would be an villain who can make the protagonist question themselves, and their own beliefs. In doing so, their reflection will come as a realization and reaffirming in their beliefs. Allowing them to no longer question themselves and now know what needs to be done.

If I'm being honest, none of these descriptions have it 100%. I can see pieces of his character spread over all three of these. As in #3, it says he's a straight shooter, doesn't sugar coat his answers but I don't believe he's completely fair in his choices.

He's quite smart but extremely opinionated, not giving much weight to others thoughts. This doesn't mean his opinions are wrong though They are honorable and just but he's very focused on his ideals even to the exclusion of other's points of view.

The reason I like this character is that he's so Inhumanly human. He shows off what many people aspire to be, he's loyal, fearless, kind and harsh when needed, if I wasn't used top reading between the lines I'd say he's a stereotypical good guy who does no wrong ya know, like he cries if he steps on an ant.

Then the "massacre at Baltimare" Where he killed more most of the mares there that is a very short sighted and human thing to do. Be blinded by rage and anger so badly that you don't see the long term repercussions. but also learning from his mistakes and trying to make sure they never happen again is what he does and that's the definition of courage.

I rant to much, needless to say I thing a mix of the three categories is what best defines his character which is a delightful mish-mash of opposites and that's what makes this character fun to read about. He's so inhumanly human it's interesting. That's my thoughts anyway.

Please explain why.

Hmmmmm well he has the charisma when he was pushed into a situation that demanded a clear mind and a sliver tongue. Mainly when it came to the training and oversight of his troops and people. Plus he has the strength to maintain a steadfast nature even when the world crumbled around him he managed to pull through and never lose sight of his goal. Lastly, honorable because he always kept true to his moral compass and his word, he never strayed from the ideals he set before him and when he did. He managed to correct and understand his mistake and ensure that such situations never happen again.

Jag kan inte formulera mig så bra med skrift.

Please explain why.

Probably because in a few moments he has these characteristics
Example is when he meets the cat people people in chapter 11

2. He's resolute as he is true to his desire throughout, only changing his ways when he realizes his metods will result in a less favorable end goal. But the end goal doesn't change (shown when he changes his ways after the massacre in Baltimore). He's clearly stong physically due to the abilities granted to him but he's also string in his character that he's able to admit his wrong doing and strong enough mentally to lead an entire army. I'd say 2 is the most accurate the only thing I'd slightly disagree on is seeking out power for others. I believe he sought power initially for the thrill of being able to cast magic from games he played but after that his power just came naturally, be didn't really come across as ever seeking power.

I think pheonixtv said it best.

I think 3 because he tries to keep nightmare moon and chrysalis safe from celestia. I think he will honor a deal or dual he is in
ps: I love your work

I thick he is 2,
he was fighting for the benefit of all of equestria (as a world)

I would say he's 3

Please explain why.

Either 2 or 3. Both are as important as the other.

2. I would say for a warrior, you're looking at Thunderer or Thor, as they are both fearless and strong. For example, Thor was fearless against his brother Loki. Thor tried to protect his father from his brother when Loki was causing chaos and discord in their land. Your character, I'd say, is loyal to others. For more info, see here: http://norse-mythology.net/

3. Alexander, in my view, does think of friends and family and tries to protect them from evil. And yes, he may be seen downwards by others in some way or another.

Does this help? I'm no expert, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I can't really from the at ry I have more a feeling that he is a 3 since he is a pretty good leader he ain't a 1 but the second one doesn't really for him in my opinion

I see him as a 3 mainly for the fact that he doesn't cut corners and tells you what his goals are, along with the fact he helps those around him with no want of anything in return.

I see him mostly as option number 3. Because he seams to live by the code of (Say what you mean and do what you say.) Don't lie and treat others with the respect that they deserve.

Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted Jun 12th, 2018

I think he's Resolute, Fearless, Strong because he said he was going to stop the injustice against the males of Equestria and he did. He never swayed from his path and, he inspired others from his own strength. He showed no fear when facing those in Equestria who are treated and are almost deities. That's what I think of him.

I would say option three has the strongest likeness compared to the other two. Though you could say option two as well.

I do agree in option three that he is underestimated because he is a male in a society that has somewhat reversed gender roles, and he is an alien to boot. so when he surprises those who he is butting heads with. What I'm more or less disagreeing with is his political skills. when he took over the diamond dog kingdom, its true he didn't use politics to assume control, he used violence. BUT, after the coup, he performed fairly well as a leader of an entire kingdom, setting slaves free, gaining adoration among its citizens, even rescuing males and those who fought back against Celestia's rule. So i would say, he's neither bad or good at diplomacy and politics, he is good in some areas and weak in others.

Option two however...
It is accurate that he faces his problems head on, not letting it worry him, but I wouldn't say he's overly serious ALL the time. He seemed to gain enjoyment with spending time with the mane six, relaxing with them laughing at their jokes, while it lasted. the only time i noticed when he gets serious is when his allies are in peril, or he is fighting something dangerous. he shown to be compassionate to others who need help and he has shown sadness where it counts. speaking of his powers, to me it didn't seem that he was ACTIVELY seeking out new powers to protect himself, most of the time, the power just seemed... to come to him from nowhere. Though, when he DID seek power, it was to protect his friends, so I guess you're not wrong. what I'm trying to say is that he is no-nonsense where it counts and will show other emotions outside of that.

So yeah, Option three for me.
Hope this helps.

I think he may be all of above... It's been a while since I last read it

Then I advice you to read my story before you send an answer.

Sstrong, just and honorable. He is kind of cruel (killing the whole enemy army). In example, he is compassionate to those who do not oppose him, but does kill whoever stands in his way. Celestia had underestimated him multiple times and that’s what let him rise to power.
If I remember right, he also was willing to sacrifice himself for his family members’ safety.

Edit: Forgive me if my answers are vague or incorrect. It’s been a while since I last finished reading it.

Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted Jun 12th, 2018

Okie... Just let me get some time to reread it

Please explain.

he fights for fair rights and to end the oppressions of equestria's long running crimes

I'd say 1. Its better for him to be kind and loyal friend. And have his former enemies become allies.

While as a character I find him good but he seems to lack flaws in term of personality except when it comes to women. The reason for this is that he seems to lack a form of resistance to women throwing themselves at him. Often leading to little to no expansion in character relationship and personality, meaning that they are just ornamental characters with no point in the story than a quick clop chapter.
His opposition to matriarchal sexism is shown with a somewhat righteous anger, even though his choice in partner seems somewhat dominated by the women that he is with. I would've liked to see more confrontation with the mane six on the issue before celestial flipped her shit, like them arguing amongst themselves about whether who's right celestial or alex.
An idea for expanding this whole equality and the whole Alex leading his empire could be him staging his plans for equality into the griffin's or minotaur, or a possible civil wars/invasions erupting from equestrias defeat.

I think I like his third trait. The reason why I picked that is because I am the same way. I would protect my friends and family even if it meant giving my life in the process.

yep real vikings like we like

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