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  • Tuesday
    Made a new friend today.

    He seems nice.

    I'm taking name suggestions.

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  • Tuesday
    Just a quick field trip

    Up to Boston. An hour and a half flight later, and I'll be with my uncle to go to the temple together.

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  • Sunday
    Stay in the Lifeboat

    Today is a great time to be alive. I know that at many times, it can be otherwise. How could I say something like this? Because the world is the Titanic, and it is sinking. But we are in the lifeboats.

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  • 6 weeks
    The Endowment

    Yesterday, I received this gift in the Philadelphia temple. I went alongside my parents, my bishop, and two of my friends from the ward who were an old Guatemalan couple. Between the drive there, the wait, the session itself, some more sealing, and the trip back, it took twelve hours, and we didn't come back until 1:00 in the morning.

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  • 6 weeks
    The Death of the Simple Game

    Today, we managed to reinstall/download a game that my older brother had taken with him on his married adventure. It was the 2003 video game adaptation of The Return of the King. My brother played it playing up, and more recently, I played it a ton as well. This is a very fun, yet simple game with no DLCs, expansion packs, online multiplayer, or complicated mechanics. You can play this game for a

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Is there really going to be a future to this? · 4:09pm May 12th, 2018

To fanfiction? To our desire to build on a world others created? I want something more than that. I want others to see the hard, frantic work I did, and not condemn it because it's fanfiction. But I also know that there's something better out there than this. Fanfiction won't get me anywhere in life, but I don't want to leave. This is fun.

And yet, at the same time, I should do something more with my life than write stuff like this. Is there going to be a clear path for me in the future?

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Fanfiction is mostly hobbyist stuff. If you find it fun there’s no reason to stop. :twilightsmile:

As long as there is a fandom for something, there will always be Fanfics.

Well, as trashy as it is, Fifty Shades of Grey started out as fanfiction. Just goes to show that it could lead to something greater. Plus, it can allow people with similar interests to connect as well. Plus, it can allow for people to see stories featuring their beloved characters that they might not be able to see on their televisions or the big screen.

Sure, you won't be doing it forever, but what's life without change. Just got to live in the moment.

This exactly. If 't be true thou hast much fun of writing fanfiction, yet needst something more, findst balance (at least try to, like I do). Thither is no other way.

Don't worry about it. Just have fun with it and don't revolve your life and perceptions of worth around it. Spend time on other things... like beer tasting or trap shooting or fishing or hiking.

There's several stories that's been released as hardbacks as well as some that, after their story is complete, is re-released as a non horse words story.

There's also something I've been wanting to try for ages, and that's recreate epic scenes from the best stories in Source Filmmaker.

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