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    Story Prompt Ideas #1

    Every now and then, I have a barrage of story ideas. Obviously if I suddenly have prompts for 30 stories, I can't be expected to complete them all. So, why not share them with the community? I will list some ideas, which any may take and use, tweak, or completely change to their liking. Even if you are not a writer, perhaps something here will inspire you. Or maybe you know someone who is

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  • Saturday
    Story Update: "366 Hours"


    366 Hours has been updated. I have added a new chapter, as well as making a few spelling and grammatical fixes in earlier chapters. Give her a read!

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    Who Else Plays(ed) Call of Cthulhu?

    The 2018 version, PS4, presumably? I'm just curious. :pinkiesmile:

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    Strange But True #21

    Weekly facts, diseases edition!

    1. When Syphilis first surfaced, the English called it the ‘French disease’, the French called it the ‘Spanish disease’, Germans called it the ‘French evil’, Russians called it ‘Polish disease’, Poles called it ‘Turkish disease’, Turks called it ‘Christian disease’ and Japan called it ‘Chinese pox.’

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    Join My Discord Server!

    I have a new server you may be a part of! Join me and others in The Bandwagon. Weekly streams, funny people, and relaxed rules are waiting for you!

    Invite link: https://discord.gg/8veBYT6

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New Winner Selected For Art Raffle · 6:22pm May 10th, 2018

Since it was obvious the last winner was not going to step forward to claim their prize, another random follower has been selected using the website in the previous winner blog: user 238.



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Comments ( 5 )

Wait, WHAT???!!! Why, I'm speechless! I wasn't really interested in the first place because I thought I wasn't going to win!

So what does this entitle? I'm sorry; I just didn't read up on what the contest was about. So can I commission any piece of art I want?

yea congratulations


This is your sign that maybe you should keep a closer eye on things. :raritywink: :rainbowkiss:

You may make a request that follows with the guidelines I have listed on the top right of my userpage. And of course I'll fulfill your request for free!

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