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    Apologies for any drops in activity.

    My first gaming PC was an Asus laptop in 2011. GTX 460M, 8GB DDR3 memory, and a i7-2700k.

    In 2015, I upgraded to a desktop from Digital Storm. GTX 970, 8GB of DDR3 memory, 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD, and an aftermarket-cooled i5-4690k. In 2016 I doubled the memory to 16GB. In 2017 I upgraded to a GTX 1080.

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Simply Pathetic · 11:41pm May 9th, 2018

After today's community update, I have uninstalled Battlefront II. 70 GB of space is worth more than that.

The update is Season 2, the Han Solo season, split over the next two months.

We get a UI tweak, 1 recycled map from Battlefront 1, and two new skins.

That's it. After teasing for months that they were going to "break the dam", that's all we got.

Seven months later, this is where we're at.

If this is "Games as a Service", EA can shove it right up their ass.

Disney, it's obvious that you can do absolutely amazing things with the Marvel IP. Why the same isn't happening with Star Wars, well, I wish I knew.

But only one out of your three movies so far was absolutely stunning (Rogue One), and your exclusive license with EA has churned out two of the most pathetic AAA Star Wars games I have ever seen, with simply depressing post-launch support. Battlefront II has a skeleton crew simply because EA didn't get their microtransaction money.

Please, pull EA's license and give it to developers who are passionate about Star Wars.

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Comments ( 14 )

I have no idea why modern video games are so large. 70GB is more than half of my monthly data. That's one of the reasons why I never got Battlefront II in the first place. I guess my crappy internet connection saved me some money for once.

I hope the rumors that the license will transfer to Ubisoft are true. Maybe get a 1313 style game....


Don't transfer it to any one developer or publisher.

We need multiple companies competing for our money. We need the option of going elsewhere for superior SW experiences if a single publisher or developer is overly predatory or petty, which is the exact situation we have now.

It's EA... They've been getting worse for years... But what you describe there is a whole new low...
After BF3's fail I've refused to buy anything from them. Now if the Star Wars licence went to someone else, then I would be interested.

Fair point, just not EA. Hmm, Bethesda could be one of those....

Ive been replaying the original battlefront 2 lately. It still holds up pretty well, and no game has come close to competing with the space battles in it.

For whatever reason Disney gives no shits about the game market, even when buying out IPs heavily intertwined with it.

When some 70% of your hundreds of millions of profits comes from microtransactions why wouldnt you make games based around that. EA is a corporation not a "game developer" so profits is all their investors care for.

Why make more different games in a year when you can make much much more making one game every year or every few years if you sell people the right to playtest its beta version then sell them the full game piece by piece.

People who defend this usually go "what about muh inflation, 60$ today isnt enough for them to make a living!" but somehow they still do, its almost like the industry is many many times bigger then back in the early 90s...

I have been saying for a year how a full priced AAA game needs to jump to $90 to offset and cancel the microtransaction bullshit.

60$ is more then enough for them to make a decent profit, wont be over a billion dollars like EA does yearly but even a few hundred million+ is a great profit no matter what. The issue isnt the price. (for EA the issue is it needs to keep growing and keep growing big time)

AAA games seem to suffer from bloated budgets spent on nonsense and some spend what seems to be crazy amounts on marketing for games that established franchises that are already recognizable even with minimum marketing ( games like Call of Duty where its some 50 or less mil to make the game and up to 200 mil to market it come to mind.)...

Making it jump to 90$ would just potentially see a fall of the AAA games market. If the "indy" AA and other games stays around 30$ or so, what they would have to as most of them could not survive the "short term" overall fall in cosumers buying stuff that such a drastic overall shift in prices would probably cause.

True. I think entirely too much money is spent on marketing.

Tone back the marketing, and give us free demos again.

But why would they do that and have us potentially discover the game isn't for us?

Disney needs to learn how to please it's starwars fans.

What’s wrong with battlefield 3?

Microtransactions aren't needed for the game to break even or profit unless the company spends such a disproportionate amount on marketing that you have to wonder whether they're a dev firm or advertising company. Microtransactions are basically easy money for minimal effort, and they work because people keep buying them. A few hours of work recoloring a model, sold for $2 each and purchased by 200,000 people, that's $400,000 made just by swapping a color palette. Microtransactions made games much more profitable for devs and investors, but the other result is that it changed perceptions of expected game revenue to INCLUDE microtransactions, not to have them be a bonus.

If microtransactions actually resulted in devs using the extra money to create content above and beyond what they could have with the newfound revenue, that would be one thing. Instead, it just goes into everyone's pockets as they get ready to release the next lootbox and microtransaction-riddled game that's no different from the one before it.

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