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  • 91 weeks
    I am a slooooow writer

    This final draft is diverging a little from the previous one, so I need to rework some chapters (especially in this middle chunk). Going to break with the weekly posting structure and start putting the chapters up when they're done. The next one still needs a bit more work, so look for it sometime this week or next--sorry for the delays, but the weekly/biweekly schedule is starting to get a bit

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  • 94 weeks
    One more week

    Had an extremely busy week and haven't had time to give a final polishing pass to the next chapter, so I'm going to delay it till next sunday. Apologies! We'll resume the biweekly pace next week.

    I'm considering a longer break near the end of act 2 to get all of act 3 polished so I can return to the weekly posting schedule for the final set of chapters.

    As always, thanks for reading!

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  • 98 weeks
    New posting schedule

    I liked having the extra time to do final proofreading and minor rewrites so much that I'm going to make it a regular thing. I'll post chapters biweekly from here on out. There are still a couple later chapters that I'm not super pleased with, so I might take a little extra time once we get closer to them to tweak them more.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • 101 weeks
    Brief Posting Break

    Going to be busy with social events for the next two weekends, so I'll be taking a short break on the chapter postings. Chapters will resume going up on the 27th of August.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • 108 weeks
    Thicker Than Water is a go!

    After a lot longer than it really should have taken, I'm finally at a point where I can start publishing Thicker Than Water. I plan to put up about one chapter a week, although we're starting off with two because they're so closely intertwined. There are 27 chapters and an epilogue in total, at a little less than 200k words. I'm still tweaking things here and there so the final wordcount might go

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New Project & Future Plans · 2:41am May 9th, 2018

Right now the plan is to end up with four books in the Historical Adventures series. The final two will be much shorter than the first two (although I thought the same about LSAS when I started it, so take that with a grain of salt).

Book 3 will be titled Thicker Than Water, and concerns itself with Inger and Cranberry as they travel to the Elktic Commonwealth on an archeological mission that soon takes a dark turn. Book 4 is tentatively titled Long Live the King, and follows an older Rye, Tyria, and Wheatie to Grypha as they attend the funeral of the griffon king and try to keep the fragile peace between the ponies and the griffons.

Book 3 is pretty well plotted out at this point, and I'm gearing up to start writing the real first draft. As I currently have steady employment for the foreseeable future, this one shouldn't take five years to finish--I'm hoping closer to one year, each. Thicker Than Water is going to wind up around 160k words or shorter. It has a much smaller cast than AoWaS or LSAS, focusing on only a handful of main characters in a single plot thread. I'm confident enough in the plot structure to include a table of contents, but these chapters are subject to change as the writing process continues.

It may be a while before the first chapter posts, as I'm going to try writing this one in larger chunks rather than posting chapters as I finish them.

Here's the awful placeholder cover until I find time to make a nice one with vectors:

Tags: Drama, Adventure, Horror, OC
Inger of Canterlot is many things: Captain of the Firewings, the Dragonslayer, the Hero of the War of Whitetail, a faithful servant of Princess Celestia, husband to the peerless scholar Cranberry Sugar, and the father of two exceptional young colts. Now, however, he has the chance to be something new entirely--a son.

Tybalt Vallen, a noble from Whitetail, has arrived in Canterlot asking the Sugars to join a dangerous expedition to the land of the reclusive elk on a mission to rescue one of Cranberry's colleagues. Though the pair at first refuse, still in mourning over the loss of a dear friend, Tybalt's request becomes irresistible when he claims that Inger is his long-lost son and rightful heir to his house.

Drawn into the expedition with his wife and their son Apricot, Inger soon finds the foundations of his identity beginning to crumble. With every step into the twisted places deep beneath the dark, forested land of Elketh, his connection to Tybalt grows and his other loyalties fray. Soon, Inger will be forced to make a choice--one that will shape not just the future of his family, but the fate of the world itself.

Table of Contents
1. The Last Lesson
2. Lord Vallen
3. The Expedition
4. In the Blood
5. Elketh
6. The Song
7. The Entrance
8. Dreams and Whispers
9. Touch Nothing
10. Those Who Came Before
11. Dangerously Principled
12. Descent
13. A Nameless City
14. Bloodlines
15. Sacrifice
16. Antitheosis
17. Blood Ties
Epilogue: An Audience

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Awesome, I'm looking forward to more horsewords from you! I do have questions though. If you've been watching the show, does the expansion of the canon over the last couple of seasons--seaponies and hippogriffs, Team Starswirl, EQG, and so on--play any influence in your new works? Or are you going to pass that over and go with whatever you cooked up so many years back?

Going to stick with what I had planned. After all, this is 700 years before the events of the show, so I think I can get away with most of it. The maps are hopelessly non-canon at this point, but it's really the people in these places that are important, not the places themselves.


Now see here, you can't just give me such an intriguing outline and then have nothing further for me for the foreseeable future!

PS: If you don't mind me asking, what do you work as?

>aggressively likes blog post

Rock on, dude! AN hey, if you ever need editing services again,. I'm still here and it would be an honor.

I have trouble explaining my job to people because it's very amorphous, but these days it's sort of a cross between keeping company metrics about the ads we track and trying to fix problems for skittish clients.

I'll start looking for editors once I have a decent chunk written, don't want to have more long content droughts on this one. I'll post another blog about it when I get there.

As someone who found the series towards the end of book two, I'm quite excited by this.

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