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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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For Turnabout Storm Readers, is there interest in a T-rated version of The Lawyer and The Unicorn? · 7:11pm May 7th, 2018

A couple weeks ago, I asked if folks would be interested in a T-rated version of The Heart's Turnabout, the trial that takes place during The Lawyer and The Unicorn. I got just three yeas, which was marginal for doing it, while others told me it wasn't worth it.

So I've thought about it, and I partly agree. It wouldn't be worth it just for that. So instead of just the trial, I'm now thinking about doing a T-rated version of TLaTU in its entirety. The reason is that I'd have to rewrite too much of the setup for the trial for new readers to understand what was happening, whereas if I just use the original story sans the adult scenes, it'll make more sense and require less changes. TLaTU has a ton of good worldbuilding and character development moments in addition to the trial and M-rated action, and I'd like to make them more accessible to readers who aren't interested in anything adult.

Just for a few examples, I think folks would be interested in learning things like how Celestia vacations, Twilight's reaction to seeing Lord of the Rings, Maya get a stern talking to by a channeled Mia over her attitudes towards Twilight, or seeing Celestia and Miles Edgeworth play a chess match over which they discuss human history and Celly's role in it. You will also see appearances by Princess Luna, Firefly, and other ponies of her era.

To be clear, the T-rated version of the story would keep the M-rated action in the background, implied but off-screen. In other words, it still happens but won't be shown; the story will simply cut away and then resume with the aftermath. it may still get mildly suggestive in places and nudge R-rated territory once or twice where the story needs it to (like at certain points in the trial), but beyond that, completely T-rated with twelve chapters of Ace Attorney trial action. It would take me about two or three weeks to do, and I'll announce a release date as I get closer to done. Once it hits, I'd publish everything up to the first trial chapters, and then release everything one chapter per day after that.

Thoughts? Again I ask, would folks be interested in this? Given the time investment I'd want at least ten yea votes and preferably more to do it, otherwise it's probably not worth it. So if you'd like to see this, please let me know in the comments.

Comments ( 11 )

Just the trial wouldn’t have been worth it, but I think if you do the whole story, it would work. Go for it.

Yeah, I would totally be interested. I actually liked the world building and character a lot more than the sex. I didn't cut away or anything but I got annoyed when it was boggled down by sex. Phoenix Wright was always about the suggestive content rather than full on sexual content. I would imagine that later stories in this world would have been T anyway so it would have been weird.

T-rated version of the whole story would definitely be worth it. Like I said in my final review of TLatU, I can appreciate erotica when it's used well to drive the plot and character development, but I generally skim it as a rule. A version with all the world building and character growth, but without the explicit sex scenes, would definitely be worth a reread.

If it is the whole story then I think it's worth it.

4855587 4855597 4855610 4855624 4855680

That’s five. Are there more?

Can I vote another 5 times? :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Yes, if it's not a bother.

I think it's worth a shot. I recall Five Score Divided By Four doing something similar. I read the T version, but I could tell where the cutaways were. It still edged the line plenty of times, but it was essentially an M rated story, minus the clop.

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