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The first reading of one of my fics! · 4:34pm May 7th, 2018

Fanfiction Reader has rendered a voice-synthesis version of Changeling Space Program on YouTube! The program doesn't have any sense of timing, and it stumbles badly trying to pronounce unfamiliar words, but it provides a way to read (or re-read) the story without staring at a screen!


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Aww, i was excited for a moment there.

I already use a tex to speech converter to read fanfiction... While walking around the neigborhood.

Heh. I already read all fanfiction via text-to-speech generated audiobooks, using an audio-book player app on my smart phone.

Keeps track exactly where I've been on the 1400+ voice-files there, so I can jump between stories if I feel like it. :trollestia:

Allows me to read fanfiction while, say, grocery shopping, drawing comics, or playing something relaxing like Minecraft. :twilightsmile:

Never been reading so much in my life. Multitasking for the win! :rainbowdetermined2:

I still read-read a lot, but I have also gotten great use out of FIMFiction's integrated text-to-speech since they added that.

Yeah but why not jsut use the reader on the site. assuming your computer has a nice voice to use. I read on my phone so Siri voice is smooth "Hello Flutter-she"

You get used to that sort of thing after a few weeks. Or maybe it was years? Either way, I've grown so used to "Microsoft Mary" I don't even register it's idiosyncrasies anymore. :twilightsheepish:

...Well, it helped that the first MLP-fic I ever read was PenStroke's Better Living Through Science and Ponies, and that having a synthetic voice read out GlaDOS' parts was just too hilarious. :twilightsmile:

Apoleowosa is what it sounded like when it said Appleloosia.


I do this sometimes when I need to "read" The Maretian while driving. I have Fimfiction read it to me from my phone plugged into my radio's aux jack, using Google's default voice.

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