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A JD Review: MLP Season 8 Episode 8 - "The Parent Map" · 12:22am May 6th, 2018

The one where we learn Starlight isn't an orphan.

Grade A milf (not like I'm into that or anything :trixieshiftright:)

ALLLLLRIGHTY! Another week, another episode, and this one was definitely a lot of fun. Not only do we get to see Sunburst's mom again, but we learn that Starlight actually has a father, that she has parents! Only... we just see her dad. Where's her mom? Where's Sunburst's dad? Really wish we could've seen the whole family.

Other than that, Starburst (Best ship in the show. Fight me) are on their way to solve a friendship problem in the town they grew up in. And unlike other times (I think), the problem isn't between ponies they don't know, it's with their own parents, specifically their own relationship with them. I really enjoyed this little twist on the whole solving friendship problems quest that the show has adopted. Plus, Starlight's dad's treatment of her like a little filly was adorable. :rainbowkiss:

I liked this episode! Still would have liked to see Starlight and Sunburst prevent a war, though. Missed opportunity there.

8/10. What were your thoughts?

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Comments ( 12 )

A good episode, but maybe it could be better. I cant explain exactly but it didn't feel like one of MLP's best.

Infinity War spoilers here
liked it but infinity war made me wonder about if their parents might end up on that certain half. I'm a terrible person or as a friend would say "writer"

Oh vey
Also with the fight between Thanos and Tony will you be putting any ponies in that battle. I could see Twilight with Starlight or even Sunset in that. Just my thoughts and can't wait for what you'll cook up

First time seein' her mom and SunStrange's dad, but, I forgot, first time seein' the episode, Why are those two parents fighting again?

4854440 MLP definitely has better episodes.

4854446 There will be ponies in that battle, yes. :twilightsmile:

4854772 They both have different ways of running the town, I think.

Different ways of runnin' town eh? I think I remembered something similar and familiar in my head.

that is correct. Its an issue that many cities and towns face today. Preserving historical memories vs. moving on with technology and trends.

If Twilight follows the others on the ship to fight Thanos, she just needs to get a superhero costume, like on this great art!

It was good not great. Nice to learn more about Starlight and Sunburst. It was also fun seeing them deal with their parents.

I guess Starlight and Sunburst have something in common with Rainbow. They all have embarrassing parents.

We also learn that Starlight went through a goth phrase..... that honestly explains soooo much.

4854930 Ah, Spiders and Magic. Great story, that is. :pinkiesmile:

4854978 I wonder when that goth phase came to be. Probably when Sunburst left.

Most likely. Though interestingly enough her father said that her room was like that when she left, so she left during that phase. Makes me wonder if she left when she was young.

Typical, parents that embarass teenagers, I've seen that in many TV shows.

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