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So the Universe got me and Hubby an Anniversary Present... · 11:58pm May 4th, 2018

For those not keeping track, this last Monday (April 30th) was my one-year wedding anniversary with my darling dearest husband.
Well... On the 27th (Friday), the Universe gifted us it's present... and I wanted to return it and punch the Universe in the teeth.
See... The present it got us was Husband and Lore (our 6yo niece) falling ~15 feet when the deck railing they were leaning on broke. Mercifully, Lore mostly just bounced, being only shaken up severely and maybe spraining something because she was limping for a few days.
However, Husband dislocated his right hip and fractured his pelvis.
So from about 1400 CDT 4/27 to 1600 CDT today (5/4), Husband was in the hospital. I'll spare you sordid details, but they had to do surgery to pin his hip and pelvis back together (which happened Tuesday), and the whole week, Witchy was an anxiety-ridden wreck.
Instead of going to the Zoo and to see Black Panther as we'd planned for our anniversary, I stayed at home most of the day until the evening when I brought the dinner I'd made (spaghetti with herb & garlic red sauce and sliced, Italian herb-marinated chicken breast) and two slices of this amazing strawberry mousse cake that MomCord bought me Sunday.

Finally though, my darling is home. I was Not Okay this week... but I will begin returning towards Okay now.

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Comments ( 5 )

I have a strange feeling I should be glaring at Discord for this turn of events. :ajbemused:

well at least he's doing better now

Ouch! The girls and I will keep you both in my kindest thoughts and prayers. :fluttershysad:

Seems this month's been bad for a lot of people on here...


Ouch! Not the best experences... bad as it was at lest he is home and not suffering worse injuries but I know that can seem little comfort when you are stuck at home worrying. Thoughts are with you two for a quick recovery for your Husband unit.

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