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In Which I Tolerate Eclipse: Chapter 6 -- Switzerland · 2:55pm May 4th, 2018

The moment Bella leaves La Push, Edward’s tailgating her. She doesn’t stop, but continues to Angela’s house. This is the day she’d promised to help Angela with her graduation cards. Basically, they’re doing nothing more than stuffing envelopes and putting addresses on them. The thing is, Angela has a lot of family members; there are a lot of envelopes to stuff and address.

During the addressing, Angela picks up that Bella’s anxious and offers to listen. To her own surprise, Bella starts talking, even if she leaves out all of the supernatural stuff. She needs a human girlfriend who can listen to her problems. (I think this is the character saying this to Meyer, not Bella saying it to herself.) Bella says Edward’s mad at her, and the moment she says “Jacob Black”, Angela identities Edward’s problem: he’s jealous. Bella denies it — Jacob’s just a bad influence, according to Edward — but Angela’s pretty certain. The rest of the addressing passes pretty uneventfully.

Edward’s car isn’t at Bella’s house when she gets there, but she knows that doesn’t mean much. After a brief chat with Charlie — he pleased Bella’s out and Edwardlessly about — she reluctantly goes to her room and finds Edward there. He tells her he almost broke the treaty and went over the boundary line to go get her once he heard what she’d done. He comes this close to saying he’ll stop her from going there again. Bella asks him if this is really about her — is he jealous? is it just an extension of a vampire/werewolf thing? — but Edward denies all her speculation.

His eyes blazed. “This is only about you. All care is that you’re safe.”

The black fire in his eyes was impossible to doubt.

“Okay,” I sighed. “I believe that. But I want you to know something — when it comes to all this enemies nonsense, I’m out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures. Jacob is family. You are… well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence. I don’t care who’s a werewolf and who’s a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too.”

CM + 1, but you know what? Angela being a witch sounds like a great idea. She doesn’t need to get involved in the vampire-vs-werewolf business. She can stand by the side while Edward and Jacob yell at each other and use spells to keep them apart. She can laugh at them for being silly, wanting to kill each other over a girl. She can be someone uninvolved in Bella’s love life but still clued-in to the supernatural, someone in whom Bella can confide and share girl talk and who the hell am I kidding? This is Twilight and we haven’t met our Unused Brilliant Idea quota yet. Angela’s not going to be a witch.

Since he came back early from hunting, Edward needs to go again the next weekend. Bella plans on going to La Push then, but Alice picks her up from school Thursday afternoon for a girls-only weekend long slumber party. And by “picks up”, I mean “kidnaps”. No, really, they use that word and Alice confirms it:

“A slumber party?” I repeated, the suspicion finally settling in.

“Aren’t you excited?” she crowed.

I met her animated gaze for a long second.

“You’re kidnapping me, aren’t you?”

She laughed and nodded. “ ’Till Saturday. Esme cleared it with Charlie, you’re staying with me two nights, and I will drive you to and from school tomorrow.”

So now Edward’s dragging his family into his possessiveness. Superb. He’s paying Alice off with a Porsche, but still. Bella thinks that a Porsche is a bit much for one weekend’s kidnapping and realizes that it’s not for the one weekend; it’s for every time he’s gone.

“Alice, don’t you think this is just a little bit controlling? Just a tiny bit psychotic, maybe?”

See? Even Bella thinks Edward’s nuts! Alice blows it off, saying werewolves are dangerous.

As the night passes, Bella reflects that it wouldn’t be so bad if she weren’t a prisoner. Since Edward hadn’t prohibited phone usage, she calls Jacob and tells him that she’s going to have to cancel her plans with him. Jacob’s pissed when he learns what’s going on, but Bella convinces him to stay away from the Cullens. She goes to Edward’s room, which has been made out with a bed for her. Before she can fall asleep, Rosalie, the only Cullen who dislikes Bella, knocks on the door and asks if she can talk.

Clinginess Meter: 12

Paid kidnapping. Edward just keeps getting better and better.

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Comments ( 5 )

"The love of my undeath" doesn't quite roll off the tongue, does it?

Also, now I want to see this go full World of Darkness in terms of colliding supernatural interests. All we need is a sin-eater, a changeling, a demon, and maybe a princess. I'm sure that high school has viable candidates.

On a more serious note, when even Bella thinks you've gone to far, you crossed the line a couple miles back. Yeesh.

Alice blows it off, saying werewolves are dangerous.

And we’re just going to completely ignore Eddy’s ranting from the first book about how he’s dangerous. Up to this point, the only supernatural beings that have tried to harm her have been vampires. That includes the Cullen clan that one time she accidentally cut herself at the birthday party.

Funny enough, Twilight actually comes close to some medieval werewolf tales I found, where instead of the bestial bipedal werewolf we're all used to, abdie werewolf legends simply have the individual turn into basically a regular wolf, sometimes a bit bigger than the usual, but still retain their human intellect and whatnot, and would not attack unless provoked, like to expose the one who cursed them. This even happened in a short Arthurian lai

I remember in Prisoner of Azkaban, Snape assigns an essay on how to tell the difference between werewolves and ordinary wolves. And then the movie comes out with that massive deformed shambling CG biped… thing. I hated that design so much.

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