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Announcement · 5:03am May 3rd, 2018

Alrighty then.

So I’m thinking of doing a thing. Or maybe multiple things. I’ve been wanting to get around to doing something here on FIMfiction, and I have three ideas. Mainly, I’m trying to decide between two, but I’ll put the third one out there for opinions anyway.

This is my third option, probably the one I will least likely choose, even though I’m rather fond of the concept. I have a pretty well developed main character, and a general storyline. It’s about an earth pony architect that discovers a part of a special artifact, which leads to her journey around the world trying to find thee other pieces. It would mainly be my main character and her group traveling around through all my ideas about the geography and civilizations of Equus outside of Equestria. It’s simple in premise, but there’s a lot going on in my head for this one. I really do like it, but I’m just feeling the next ones more.

Tags on this one will probably be: adventure, comedy, slice of life, mystery, and maybe romance.

Empire of Ice:
This one I definitely have to most put into already. I even have a rough draft of the first chapter completed. I’ve outlined the entire first book, and part of the sequel. If I think of more I could easily turn it into a fairly decent sized trilogy. This is on a more epic scale than Wanderlust, mainly just because I have more done. Actually, now that I think about it, Wanderlust could evolve into something pretty darn epic as well. I’ve already come up with character development for EoI and all that. I have the description done as well, so copy paste time!

19 years ago, the Kingdom Of Gryphonia declared war on Equestria. Chipping away at its borders, Gryphonian forces march ever closer to the Equestrian capital. As winter descends on Equus, Flurry Heart leads a daring mission for aid to the far north: To the fabled Empire Of Ice.

Your main character here is Flurry (obviously), along with some OC action. It’s an alternate universe, where Cadence and Shining Armor rule Equestria. Alicorns, including Celestia and Luna, are largely regarded as myths and legends, while those who know more than average know that though they were real, and proclaimed to be immortal, they ruled long ago, and if they are still around, no one has seen them for thousands of years. Cadence herself is a Pegasus, and Flurry is a unicorn. I’d say more, but nu spoilerz!

I really like some of the twists and surprises I have planned for this story, and it’s the one I’m leaning towards publishing first. Of course, it’s also kind of a daunting project, so I don’t want to go through to fast and burn myself out.

The story tags on this one are Adventure, Drama, Dark, And some light comedy. Warning: there is some gore and profanity ain this one. I don’t think I even hav3 to mention to Violence tag— it’s a war story, people.

***Not Yet Named***
I’m in a really interesting situation with this one. The idea came to me fairly recently, and I LOVE it. I have a lot of the character development done, and some key points in the story. However, I do not actually have anything close to resembling a coherent plot. Okay, that’s not entirely true, I do have some ideas, but I need to flesh it out more and figure out where I’m going to take it.

The basic premise goes as such: (it’s also alt universe, FYI.)
After Luna returned from her banishment, she had a hard time fitting in with the new society. However,she soon discovered the “night life” of Equestria: entertainment and the arts. Movies, plays, and the like. She built her image around being a patron of the arts, and the ponies, largely favoring Romanticism in literature and art, made Luna and her night an icon of the arts. Music in particular exploded in popularity. Before luna’s Return, there were two major types of music: instrumental (mainly classical) and a cappella singing. After Luna gained popularity as patron of the Arts, a new type of intrumental surfaced: pop electronica and dubstep. Two two spheres remained largely espérate, although mixing classical and pop instruments was explosively popular with the partnership of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. Singing remained traditionally a cappella until about five years before the story starts, with a single album by an anonymous artist. This artist only produced that one album before seemingly disappearing off the face of Equus, but the combination of the pony voice and instrumental music had gripped the music loving population, and became the most popular genre of music yet.
The story follows the daughter of Princess Luna and, oddly enough, Fluttershy. Luna and Fluttershy met after Fluttershy joined to Pony Tones, one of Luna’s favorite singer groups. Their relaibtionship started as a secret, and though Echoluminescence, or Nesa, is well known in Canterlot, she remains largely a mystery to the general public. This is the story of her secret identity in the pop music world, where she, like many budding artists, remains anonymous.
Remember the “partnership of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia?” Yeah. That’s an understatement. They are hapilly married, and have a son. In this universe, Octavia and Coluratura (Rara) are cousins. Rara and Sapphire Shores also have a child. Those two kids are also prominent characters in the story, though o don’t want to reveal too much here.

Apologies for the exposition on this one, but since I don’t have much of a plot yet, I’m really just over explaining the premise. This is another twisty surprise-filled ride, especially when it comes to some of the things the ponies hide about themselves.

This story is mainly Slice of Life, Romance, and Comedy with a hint of Mystery, depending on where I decide to take it. Also: this story would be Anthro, because no matter what the animators of the show tell you, you can’t play a piano with hooves. There is another important reason that has to do with the story itself, where hands are extremely necessary, but let’s not reveal all the surprises here.

I know I don’t have many watchers as of now, but it would be nice to get a little view on what people might prefer to see. Might help me prioritize which stories to work on more, although I’d like to get around to all of them eventually. I am not above having more than one incomplete story at a time, but I definitely wouldn’t put them all up at the same time. I’d like to have a decent backlog before I start posting.

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