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    Hey guys! Taka here. Chapter XV is out! Go read it!

    (I also really need to not put a time or release date on my chapters, because I never follow through with them. But chapter XVI is coming, with a story arc starting with one of our secondary characters.)

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    New Chapter of Breaking Stone!

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Ballad of the Dawn News · 7:03pm May 2nd, 2018

Hey guys! It's been a while. Had to deal with getting settled into a new apartment, getting a job and just trying to keep myself together for the most part. Just a couple things before the next chapter comes out.

- The new chapter is content complete. Just need to brush over it to see if it's ready to be released.

- Ballad of the Dawn is a spiritual successor to Discord! Under His Rule. I had multiple ways to go with this, since the continuity of the two stories match up, whether or not to have it be so. Even though I haven't finished it, there are too many shared plot points for it not to be. So I'm just going to embrace that.

Short blog today, but I got stuff to do today. So I'll see you all when the next chapter of Ballad of the Dawn releases, probably tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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good luck with your next story

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