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"We won't chain ourselves! We won't chain ourselves here!" -Heart In Hand

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  • 7 weeks
    Book's Almost Done

    Almost finished with my first novel, Mortal Edge. Hope people find some catharsis in it.

    2 comments · 34 views
  • 28 weeks
    Melodic Hardcore Lyrics

    "This isn't what it seems! I lived my life in the best way that I could accept it, so take advice from me, there is a lot to see when you're looking from the outside in!"

    -Life itself, The more you love, the more you lose

    0 comments · 74 views
  • 28 weeks
    Dude helped me out today

    Was a bit short on change at the store and he gave me 50 cents. That's pretty cool.

    7 comments · 68 views
  • 36 weeks
    A warning to the people of Earth.

    Do not go to war. It will be the end of everything. Nuclear suicide will be inevitable.

    15 comments · 93 views
  • 37 weeks
    Things are finally looking up.

    This is the first sign of hope I've had in five days with little-to-no sleep. Twitter is fucking PISSED at Trump for escalating the middle east situation, and I'm right behind them. I knew something was weird when the airstrike came out of left field. Normally, I'm pretty up-to-date, but this came out of nowhere.

    3 comments · 71 views

Almost at level 99 in Shadow Hearts. · 6:06pm Apr 29th, 2018

17 years ago, a legendary JRPG flew under the radar. I first played my brother's copy in 2004, and eventually got my own just a couple years ago. Today is the first time I will reach level 99.

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Comments ( 2 )

Is the first one or Covenant?

It was the first one. Starting the grind on Covenant now.

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