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The pony processing organ in my head still has some foreign non-pony contaminants.

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    Sincere Shilling!

    If you like D&D stuff, or just tabletop rpg stuff in general, one of the people I follow online is trying to get funding to create something to sell for Dungeon Masters to increase immersion.

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    So, due to my high level connections here and there, I now have an advance copy of several highly sought after ponyfic books. Now that I've had a chance to check several of them out in person, I have to say that Ponyfeather Publishing does excellent work. Anyone able to pick one up, at Bronycon or ordering them afterward, should totally do so.

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    Last Week on City Of Doors 7/7/2019

    So, I've actually been posting on my primary blog lately. Which has been nice, given that I've pulled myself out of depression enough to actually do stuff like that. So, here's been my daily content over there:

    Anime: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

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    Signal Boost

    You should check this out if you like printed ponyfic:


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Time Loop Trilogy · 12:29am Apr 26th, 2018

Got my hands on one of the two copies I ordered. Other one is still in transit apparently. Pretty good quality. I would recommend buying one.

Pictures over on my main blog for those that might be interested.

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My copies is still stuck in Russian somewhere. Very much looking forward to finally receiving it.

My second one still is. I'd be interested in seeing if the same secret message is on yours as well.

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