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  • 53 weeks
    Random update

    I haven't been on this site as much as I use to because of real life distractions. Not all of the distractions have been good, but the good ones are truly amazing.

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  • 56 weeks
    Pony Life is a regression to Season One

    Maybe it's just because the MLP stop-motion shorts lowered my expectations, but so far I think Pony Life is okay. I wouldn't call it good, but at least it doesn't directly insult older fans the way Thundercats Roar does (or so I've heard). I enjoy Pony Life's animation style enough to recommend watching five minutes of it. Plus, there is actual dialog spoken by the same VA's from FiM, and they

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  • 62 weeks
    When Cozy Met Tirek PREVIEW

    When started writing my Cozy Glow origin story (which went through two title changes) for the Depth in Innocence contest, the deadline was so distant that it kept slipping my mind. On Mother's Day, I checked the contest rules to see how much time I had left, and noticed that the deadline to sign up for the

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    What's the deal with Cozy in Marks for Effort?

    Halfway through writing my fanfic that focuses on Cozy Glow's backstory, I re-watched “Marks for Effort” to get a better feel for the character. This was my first time seeing the episode after watching everything that came afterward, and it didn't help me understand the character any better than I had before. Viewed in this new context, Cozy's characterization in this episode seems like it

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  • 66 weeks
    Update in the Crazy Times

    In the past few days I've had an increase of views, to the point where I wondered if one of the site admins had given me a plug. Apparently people just have more time to catch up on their Read It Later lists. So thanks to those of you who read my fanfics.

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A Reading of "Little Mac's Hero" on Youtube · 11:14pm Apr 23rd, 2018

JacobMKeene did a reading of "Little Mac's Hero"! It has background music and sound effects and different voices for each character and everything! And of course they do the accents too.

I always hoped that someone would do a reading of one of my fanfics, but I felt weird about soliciting that kind of thing. So this was a very pleasant surprise!

Report Maran · 197 views · Story: Little Mac's Hero · #story reading
Comments ( 2 )

I'm glad you liked it!

Congrats on getting a Youtube read. :twilightsmile:

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