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Want to join a voice RPG with Wanderer D? Here's how! · 10:50pm Apr 23rd, 2018

Hello everyone!

I've thrown around this idea with my Patrons and I think it's about time to bring it to fruition. Every month I'm going to be opening up to five (5) spots for a very special patron project: The WD RPG!

You might wonder: "What is this wonderful thing of wonderfulness that you have so wonderfully willfully named?"

Basically, it is a type of limited patronage that lasts for a month, during which, every week on a TBD date (either Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on availability) I'll DM a short campaign of about 4 hours a session for 4 sessions. After that, the counter will reset, another will be set up and other people can play. The reason the limit is in place is because I want to have a "table" that's manageable so everyone gets their time in it. At this time, two spots were already reserved, so only 3 are left!

Different systems can be brought up, but the first couple of campaigns will take place in the old WoD system due to the ease of using said system. The game is open for both, experienced  and new players. This month, we're starting with Vampire: The Masquerade.

**The TOS follow the rest of the blog.

The plan is to also eventually either stream the games for people interested in listening in, and/or simply upload them into youtube.

If you have experience in these games and would like to create your own character, that's definitely an option and we can discuss it, otherwise, characters can be designed and provided by myself.

Please make sure to contact me via PM once you sign into it so any details can be ironed out. The available dates anticipated for this so far are: Thursdays from 7PM EST, Saturdays or Sundays from 8:30 PM EST.

If you're interested in joining make sure you do so before by the 30th of April!

You can gain access to this by going to my Patreon here:

If you're not interested in that specific project, but are still feeling generous and appreciate my work, there are other options there as well to help with your support.

**TOS for WD's RPG:

1) You agree to respect other participants.
2) This is entirely voluntary, but once the campaign has started there are no refunds.
3) The campaign will be run on the dates agreed upon. If more time is needed to complete the campaign, no additional charges will take place, but intentionally extending the scope of the campaign for "freebies" might be ground for terminating it.
4) The special patreon is limited to a max of 5 users.
5) In case of an emergency and the majority of players (or the DM) cannot attend, then the session will be rescheduled for a later date.
6) Continuation of the campaign in some way (same character, etc) can be done, but it would take place on another open patreon.
7) If rules are broken after agreeing to the TOS, the DM has the right to expel the participant. Funds will not be returned.
8) If the participant has an emergency or situation that will prevent them from joining for the campaign, as long as they let the DM know no later than the day first session, they can be rescheduled for a future campaign.
9) Any issues or concerns that need to be addressed before or during the campaign can be done so via PM, Discord or other methods of communication.

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Comments ( 26 )

Out of my price range, so you'll miss out on me trying to talk you into letting me play a Setite (there's nothing more fun than a nice, reasonable Setite...) But this idea is intriguing to me...

Sounds fun, but I can't fit it into my schedule. Alas.

Wanderer D

4846028 :( maybe next time? Just to make sure, because I don't want to mess up, it is clear that the payment is a single payment, right? It's not going to be recurring. I hope I explained that well enough

Yeah, I just can't afford it for a spot at a gaming table, however cool the GM. :twilightsmile:

Follower of Set. Basically vampire Satanists (that's the super super short version.)

Author Interviewer

>tfw V:TM c.c

Looks like fun! Definitely going to join.

That is an interesting idea

Wanderer D

4846040 Completely understandable :twilightsheepish:

4846065 what does that mean?

4846079 4846097 If you guys want to join, make sure to do so before the end of the week!

Good idea to make a decent go at a hobby. If i get a listen i would be glad to hear it and evaluate. Youre a bang on writer so theres no problems there. Shh stop judging me.

TFW V:TMthat face when Vampire: The Masquerade

Wanderer D

4846163 was it you that did the smiley translator for PP's faces?

Well thanks for the offer but... Im not a patreon (sorry) and im kind of on the other side of the planet and I dont think I have the time right now :twilightblush:

That's quite possible. I recall doing some translation work in smilies for someone.

Author Interviewer

It means

>tfw Vampire: The Masquerade c.c

Wanderer D

4846212 Ah, yes, the legendary ease of communication of a member of the Royal Canterlot Library.

I'm just waiting for him to switch to doing all of his reviews in cryptic emoticons.

Want to join a voice RPG with Wanderer D?
Yes, please, with a side of fries.

How large of bribe donation is required? :D

Author Interviewer

Don't tempt me. >:V

Wanderer D

4846386 $40, might make it available through paypal if people are not comfortable with Patreon

I wish I could afford that, moreso if you do C:tD but since I'm already in one game i shouldn't get greedy i spose ^^;

Still, luck finding people! It should be a blast.

As I was driving in to work this morning I remembered I did help you out with some smilies. 😐

Sorry Deleteh, I've already got a 5E game Thurs, a Pathfinder game I play in as well as an FFd20 game I run on Sat, and Sunday is 5E again. XD
Have fun though!

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