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Aprilsaur Dino-fest 21: Toro, Toro, Toro! · 5:10pm Apr 21st, 2018

Something about the Torosaurus' goofy smile makes me feel happy. :derpytongue2: Also, this is my 600th blog. Yaaaaaay!

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Comments ( 4 )

Random Dino fact of the day.

There is significant evidence now that Torosaurus never existed, but are adult Triceratops. Its not 100% conclusive, however given that this same evidence is applicable to 3-4 other North American Dinosaurs in the same strata its quite likely.

We just have far to few Torosaurus Skellitons to do what would be required to confirm one way or the other. (As that requires cutting into the bones to look at growth rings.)


4844804 Thought it was the other way around; that Triceratops were adult Torosaurus'. Cool!

Yeah, the media got slightly confused about the issue when they discussed it, because of a miscommunication with the word "Oldest"

Some unfortunate Paleontologist said, "The Dinosaurs will keep the oldest name." Which the Media took to mean that either:

1) Triceratops was the adult.

2) That the name Triceratops was going to be phased out, as Torosaurus was the older animal in age. (This was the more common interpretation. Possibly for clickbait reasons.)

What (s)he actually meant is, "We will use the name that was first used to describe the creature scientifically." As we discovered and described Triceratops first in scientific literature, that is the name we will use.

This has historic precedent with the Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus mess left behind during the Bone Wars. Marsh described Apatosaurus before Cope described Brontosaurus, and thus you will almost never see a Scientist use the term Brontosaurus.

I also encourage you to follow that link to read about the Bone Wars...Marsh and Cope's fight to discover the most fossils, almost bankrupting both, actually played a HUGE influence on what Dinosaurs are commonly well known, even to this day. And yet...their actions both jumped the field of Palentology years forward...and led to the destruction and loss of specimens that may have been completely unique. As for how far it went... I will end with this quote.

The rivalry between the two remained strong if weary. Cope issued a final challenge before his death. He had his skull donated to science so that his brain could be measured, hoping that his brain would be larger than that of his adversary; at the time, brain size was believed to be a measure of intelligence. Marsh never accepted the challenge, and Cope's skull is reportedly still preserved at the University of Pennsylvania.

When you put in your Will, "I am donating my brain to medical Science to PROVE I had a bigger brain then you." You know that your hate for someone has gone to far.

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