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The guy that likes to write mostly Sonic and Pony storys. G-PG-PG13 only

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  • 12 weeks

    So...Inactive for a year straight.

    I honestly forgot how to do character interaction on fimfiction (Is that how you call them?). I got so used to Role Playing on a group called Twitter Ponies that my motivation grew smaller and smaller on this site.

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  • 41 weeks
    Redo? 4E9676

    Hey guys!

    Quick blog post, Shpuld I redo “You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us” chapters 2-6?

    I could add more dialogue and such stuff. And no i’m not redoing the whole story. Just simple delete, redo, and post.

    Any opinions on that idea? I like to hear what you guys like to say.

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  • 51 weeks

    "My name is-"

    Cut the words out, i'm here for the taking.

    Heya guys, it's me Genuis, (Jokes are idk). I have a special announcement. "Sonic Forces: Equestria is Under Attack" is getting a revamed, yes i said Revamed.

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  • 54 weeks
    Yeah, i'm still here

    YO! I'm not dead.

    Hey guys, Genuis here (Ok, i'm about done with these jokes). I have posted a new story, a spinoff to "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us". That story is called "Alone, But Not Forever". I'm just here to post that. A new blog of what's to come is most likely coming this July.

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  • 60 weeks
    It's Summer Time!

    Oh shoot. I left this account dead for a while *SLAP IN THE HOOVES*

    Heya guys, Genuis (Or Bashy, call me whatever now adays) here, i am here on a progress report on what has been going on in my life, the fimfiction account, and the story progress and preview on Chatper 8 of "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us!" (MAY CHANGE BEFORE RELASE)

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Major News Time · 3:00am Apr 19th, 2018

Heya guys, it's me Genuis (Is this getting old already? Probably not), and it's the 3rd monthly update. You might have seen some inactivity from me the last couple of weeks now. Well it's due to me takin' a break on "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us" for multiple reasons.

1. Less Motivation
2. RPing on Twitterponies (btw you should totally check that out, we rp off the mlp characters,) http://twitterponies.wikia.com/wiki/Twitterponies_Wiki
3. School in the way since it's the last few weeks and soon starting Summer School (NAH!)

While i was on a small break, Sunny proof readed and edited Chaptes 4 and 5 of "You Heard Us, No Cutie Marks For Us". Chapter 6 is on her way (Sorry Sunny, possibly that's the last one untill i finish the lastest one).

The latest Chapter "After Reaction" is almost in completion, but i'm puttin' it on hold for a few days so Sunny can Proof Read it. Expect that chapter going up late June. The next and last (Less Likely) chapter will be up mid summer since i have summer school. Then i'm off for the squeal and other storys.

All the other storys are still on Hiatus. "Lucas in Equestria", is reaching the end of hiatus since the pilot is releasing this summer, get ready for some fun~

That's all for the update, i'll be seeing you in 2 weeks (SORRY THIS WAS LATE). Take care, eat your veggies, and Chow!


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