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Just a writer who loves cartoons. Thorax and Pharynx enthusiast. Expect fluffy, comedic, and dramatic stories. Also, I love Embrax.

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Let’s talk about rival ships · 3:15am Apr 18th, 2018

Why? Cause I feel like it.

I happen to be the type of person to love my ships and keep them in my fanon no matter how popular the other fan-preferred ships are.

That doesn’t mean that I hate the other ships or like to treat them like garbage cause I don’t agree.

I love CheesePie, but I kinda like the way some artists portray Pinkie with Party Favor. And Cheese and Rainbow is kinda interesting, too.

So, I kinda wanted to show my thoughts about some rival ships of mine. I’ll start with Embrax rival ships.

-Spike x Ember - Y’know, I don’t like this one that much. Like, at all. But, somehow, I find the idea of Lord Spike and Lady Ember of the Dragons an interesting idea at the most. Still, it seems too cliche and just ... boring :/
-Thorax x Flurry Heart - Haha ... ha ... ahem. I liked this one at first ... but I thought about it, and I think Thorax and Flurry’s age gap is way too large for a love story. She’s just a baby, and he’s probably almost 18? I see cute fanart quite often, but I can’t see it work out quite the way those fan artists want.
-Garble x Ember - I see them more as siblings who love to hate each other. XD
-Thorax x Trixie - Eh. It’s ... okay, I guess. I don’t know. She’s too ... self-centered (?) for him I guess?
-Soarin’ x Rainbow - The only ‘love’ I can see coming from this is a fan crush on Rainbow’s part. And ... that’s literally it. It’s just an incredibly dry and predictable ship that it’s gotten old. Whenever I see fanart, I just automatically replace Soarin’ with Quibble. XD
-Zephyr x Rainbow - OKAY SO I HAVE TO ADMIT THIS: I SHIPPED IT AT FIRST. I thought it was funny. But, as much as I love Zephyr’s character, he’s too much of a butt for Rainbow. Plus, they don’t even each other out very much. Not to mention he drives her crazy. :/
-Quibble x Daring Do - Uh ... no. I just can’t see it.
-Quibble x Twilight - For the sake of everypony else, I suggest they never enter the same room. XD They’d fight way too much, honestly.
-Cheese x Coco - I don’t think they’d have anything to find in common other than the fact they both have something to do with Manehattan.
-Cheese x Maud - Heh. What?
-Party Favor x Pinkie - I can actually live with this. I can’t see anypony being better than Cheese, but Party Favor is sweet enough. I just couldn’t hate him for liking Pinkie.
-Royal Pin x Pinkie - Where did this ship even come from?
-Flash Sentry x Twilight - Uh ... I would, but Equestria Girls seemed to make Twilight fall for him as if she were the type to fall in love at first sight, and, to me, that’s so out-of-character for her. He’s just so stereotypical for a love interest, too.
-Timber Spruce x Twilight - I love Timber. I do. But just can’t ship it. Mostly because I can’t stand the way they write Twilight in Equestria Girls, and so their love story just doesn’t cut it for me. I need to find a better ship for him lol
-Shadow Lock x Twilight - I haven’t reached that comic yet, so I have yet to gain an opinion on it. He looks cool, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about Twilight falling in love with a villain-anti-villain/whatever. Never thought I’d say that, since I love foe yay. Twilight just doesn’t seem like the type of pony for that, though.
-Sunburst x Sunset - They’re siblings, and no one can tell me otherwise.
-Sunburst x Twilight - To me, they have almost no differences. They’re too alike, and I can’t stand ships like that.
-Double Diamond x Starlight - Eh. I can’t see anypony with her except for Sunburst. :/
-Pharynx x Trixie - I actually can totally see this. I don’t mind it in the slightest.
-Pharynx x Luna - It seems too predictable.
-Discord x Fluttershy - I despise this ship because I just can’t see them as romantic at all. If anything, it’s more of a parent/child relationship. I have to be blunt about this one, sorry. (No, I won’t get onto you for liking it)
-Bulk Biceps x Fluttershy - It’s cute, sometimes. I’m sorta neutral toward it actually.
-Big Mac x Fluttershy - Eh. It’s okay, I guess. I’ve seen some adorable fan foals.
-Braeburn x Fluttershy - I used to be crazy about this one. I adored it. And I still do to some extent. They’re adorable.
-Sombra x Fluttershy - ... I may have a guilty pleasure for this ship. I ship Sombra with Radiant Hope, but I sometimes read fanfiction pairing him with Fluttershy because they have an interesting contrast.
-Sombra x Pinkie - I have no idea what to think about this one XD
-Sombra x Celestia - One of the comic story archs that I actually didn’t care for. It’s just another boring love story to me. :/
-Sombra x Chrysalis - Heh. They hate each other. I honestly have started to dislike Chrysalis due to her comic personality and her ruthlessness.
-Soarin’ x Applejack - I don’t really know what I think of this.
-Caramel x Applejack - He doesn’t even have a personality I can match him with. How am I supposed to ship this?
-Trenderhoof x Applejack - I despise Trenderhoof. I just can’t stand him. He has no right to be with Applejack. XD
-Big Mac x Marble - How could you get them to talk to each other? I mean, it’s cute, but ... I don’t know.
-Braeburn x Little Strongheart - She seems like a 14-year-old to me. And he’s like 23-ish?
-Fancy Pants x Rarity - In my eyes, he seems like he’s married to that Fleur de Lis pony.
-Trenderhoof x Rarity - He’s my least-favorite character. I just can’t ship it.
-Spike x Applejack - Eh. No.
-Spike x Twilight - They’re basically siblings. So, no.
-Discord x Luna - She basically hates him. I can’t see it.
-Discord x Twilight - They just don’t get along.
-Big Mac x Cheerilee - They just haven’t interacted in a while, so I’ve lost interest. I don’t mind it, though.
-Big Mac x Sugar Belle - Who came up with this? It has barely any story to it.
-Pipsqueak x Luna - ... ew?
-Zephyr x Limestone - I have no idea where the idea came from. Just the fact that they’re both siblings of two of the mane six? I mean, the complete difference in personality makes it interesting, but that may be the issue, too. There’s almost a guarantee that he’d drive her absolutely crazy. She’s a hard worker, and he’s ... not.

So, that’s all I could think of. Just some opinions and whatnot. So, don’t be afraid to add your own opinions—just be nice, please. I love to discuss things.

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Comments ( 5 )

I have a few, but I tend not to think of them a whole lot since I've got a bunch of stuff I'm already working on (most of them pairings with Blueblood in a variety of alternate character interpretations), and that takes up most of my brainpower regarding shipping. Plus I mostly just stick to canon, bet on the surest ponies. That being said, I do like pairing Flash Sentry with Rainbow Dash, as well as Muffins with Perfect Pace and Blueblood with Daring Do (the last of which I suspect is unlikely to come to pass). I'm also kind of interested in PinkieXDivorced!Filthy Rich (if you can get past the age gap, and I sometimes can't, but I imagine the main characters are in about their mid-twenties, at least).

I have never heard of those ships. I never would’ve imagined them ever being thought of except maybe Flash and Rainbow. My mind is blown XD

Yeah, I'm a little addicted to going off the beaten path. I'm also fond of Blueblood and Rainbow Dash and I'm also writing something to pair Zephyr Breeze and Rarity.


:rainbowlaugh: THAT’S AMAZING!!! XD I’d read that!

Yeah, I just came up with the idea while planning Just Friends. Zephyr and Rainbow Dash are just friends there, and as I planned ahead, it just occurred me. :)

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