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Don't be afraid to PM me or leave a post. I always try to reply! I pray that my penchant for quirky action far outshines my clunky authorship. (I regularly purge personal/update blog posts.)

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  • 13 weeks
    What a mess of my work!

    Oh, I definitely didn't forget about anything. I still pop in and check on stuff. As usual, life comes at you fast. Distractions, depression, cosplay, my best friend's life falling apart overnight (that was nuts), holidays, yadda yadda...

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  • 40 weeks
    Have a chapter 57!

    I gotta catch up on the show soon. People I follow keep posting screen caps, and I should probably get some more cool cartoons in my TV queue after I finish One Punch Man season 2.

    Pretty much just working and playing PoE semi-casually. Dragon Con is coming up, and my hype cannot be quantified for going again this year (in costume!), granted I'm a little tired as I type this. lol

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    Chpt. 56 escapes the void!

    "Is that a fucking update!?"

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    [Per.] New job, Dragon Con, and not dead, yet!

    Just a quickie:
    Started a new job not too long ago. Pays much better than previous one. 9~ hour days (rip). I don't work super late anymore (6 pm at the latest, instead of 10 pm).

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  • 102 weeks
    Chapter 55; Rage post edition.

    A new chapter here, with the insurance of the usual accompanying blog post, so that it isn't missed.

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Chapter 55; Rage post edition. · 11:11pm Apr 17th, 2018

A new chapter here, with the insurance of the usual accompanying blog post, so that it isn't missed.

I've been grappling with depression because it's that time again. It's a "blah" feeling for me where I do the dishes more, wreck my bed to turn it into a bird's nest, sleep every five hours for three hours, feel like doing nothing I normally enjoy because it doesn't interest me/I suddenly hate it, and sometimes write more. Plans from ~November last year got cancelled last minute, and so has a lot of other, substantially smaller plans sequentially. Like, fuck. I need a cathartic hobby like Aggressive Retsuko.

Anywho, here's a chapter. Short compared to most, but I'm trying not to make them so long. Not much going on for it, but I am trying to push things along at pace. Too much down time is boring to write, imo, and too much scale becomes too difficult to manage (at least for amateur lil' me; this ain't Game of Thrones).

In other news, I am now a huuuuge fan of the Shantae series. I just recently finished Pirate's Curse after having started with Half-Genie Hero. After having beat PC, I'm kinda disappointed in HGH's so called (and unnecessary) "soft reboot" of the series. I've even started a substantially smaller fic on the side for it, but I'm not going hard into it right now. Just building notes and gauging length. It won't be anything as grandiose as TQP has become.

Shantae and Risky Boots by AngelXMikey

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