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  • 61 weeks
    Watches MLP: A New Generation


    Sunny Starschout asks, "Daddy, tell me the story of the Princess of Friendship and the Pirate King Pony again."

    Her father, Argyle Starshine, happily complies. "Of course, sweetheart. Which one would you like to hear? The tale of Discord's Defeat; the story Enies Lobby's Folly; the Canterlot Conflict; the Clash at the Crystal Empire...."

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  • 104 weeks
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mostly for my US readers, but for everyone else too!

    I wonder what a ponified Thanksgiving would be? What would its history be like, and how could it be celebrated in unique ways by the Mane cast and other ponies. I'm sure Hearth's Warming counts as a collective Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday, but Christmas gets its time (and then some) so why can't there be some sort of feast day for ponies.

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  • 161 weeks
    One Piece: Stampede

    Just got to see it (subbed)! Gotta see it again though, there's so much! Next time, it'll be dubbed.

    It is a true testament to the franchise celebrating a 20-year long anime run.
    It was such a blast!

    If you're a One Piece fan, this movie will not disappoint!

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  • 175 weeks
    Friendship Chronicles Part 2

    How's tricks?


    Coming up quickly is One Piece Day, celebrated officially on June 22nd as proclaimed by the Japanese gov't two years ago! Of course, days before we also celebrated One Piece's 22nd year of serialization in Shounen Jump!

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  • 190 weeks
    MLP: NiM News @ 3

    Because that's when I decided to write this :derpytongue2:

    So, an update on the Friendship Chronicles,
    Since I gave you guys an early release last week, that you all deserved by the way, and because this weekend I'll be busy with work and [insert city name] Comic-Con, there will be no update tomorrow. But don't worry...

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One Piece ch. 901 · 8:51am Apr 13th, 2018

Of course! It was so simple :pinkiegasp:
And here I thought they were just dead not really

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