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    Good News and Bad News

    Well... Sweet Arceus, this is HARD to write, but here I go...

    First of all the good news: I've started the rewrite of "Diamond of Darkness", w2hich, for the time being only will be available In AO3.

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    Just a heads-up...

    Quick blog post to let my followers know I fixed chapter 3 of diamond of darkness...

    Checked up the spelling, positioning and more, and I am working on chapter 4 as we speak...

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New Story is Published... · 7:49am Apr 13th, 2018

Well after having a string of interesting conversations with Tatsurou I was egged to write a new Story... I was planning to release it after ending Nightmare and Dragon but since I've been having a writters' block on most my stories I decided to release

TDiamond of Darkness
My name is Diamond Tiara, and this is the story of how I became a Succubus Royal in another universe...
alfonso_rd_33 · 38k words  ·  17  13 · 674 views

into the wild!

For this story I'm trying a new method to streamline my madness a bit (Writting it in Spanish, then translate and edit in english) but I feel a bit more confident due to our... story... with the target universe, so, as a bonus here is a general outline of the Story:

  1. START
  2. Arrival and first years.
  3. Morrigan's Adoption and succubization of Diamond Tiara.
  4. the Makai Spoon.
  5. Darkstalker / Night Warriors (Includes the 3 Canon games).
  6. The Powerless Universe.
  7. It's a Marvelous World (Marvel Vs Capcom 1- Infinite)
  8. The Moron in Wonderland (Namco X Capcom, Project X Zone 1-2)
  9. Return to Equestria...

And now, a sneak peek to the story (the full exchange will appear in Future Diary of the Alicorn of Ponyville)

"I said I want a meeting with him!"

the more than audible shout forced Poncho to look towards the entrance to the Doors room, as they opened wide, letting two filles in with a mare following behind them...

"Sorry Boss... they just barged in and couldn't stop them..."

Said the mare, her strawberry blonde mane with pink highlights fluttering as she finally catched up to the fillies, panting as Poncgho looked at her, noticing how her creamy white coat was matted with sweat as she tried to stop them...

"It's OK CWS, I'll take it from here... ok everyone, take 5... no more casting for the keys... so, what do we have here...?"

then he regaled the fillies, as Diamond Tiara moved forwards, p'ractically pushing him as she said...

"Okay buster! I want what you offered the Crusaders! I want my own company!"

And to emphazise her point Diamond stomped her hoof as she said it, causing Silver Spoon to flinch as Poncho Looked at them both, only to raise his right eyebrow as he calmly said

"Huh? Since when I'm giving corporations? the only thing I offered the Crusaders was assesory on the idea of making the organization a corporation... besides we're already working together... 99% of our supplies are bought in Barnyard Bargains, so technicaly we're buying from you..."

"Technically he's right Di..."

Said Silver Spoon, yet Tiara seemingly wasn't buying it, as she continued...

"But you're making business with Daqddy! not with me...!"

Then without any warning a sudden gust of wind spread acxross the room, as an aquamarine unicorn with red mane and tail fell backwards, and one of the doors had a clearly unstable portal on it, being the source of the gales ravaging the room, yet before anyone could react, Diamond Tiara was picked up and started floating in the room... going straight to the portal and crossing it...


Shouted Silver Spoon as her best friend vanished, starting to move seconds later in an attempt to reach the portal...

"OK That's enough.... "

Said Poncho as he used his newest learned spell, holding the frantic filly in place as he moved calmly to the unstable portaland the unicorn that casted it, while Spoon shouted to be let go...

"Didn't you hear when I said take 5... who were you again...?"

"C... Crescent Wave Sir.. i... it's my first day"

To this Poncho looked at Crescent before asking...

"And did you set up the coordinates properly...?"

"I... I was following the spell matrix, to get familiar with it..."

Was the answer of the terrified pony, to which Poncho just sighed and shoved his head in the portal for a moment before returning and kneeling to the now still Silver Spoon...

"I got good news and bad news.... the good news are that, according to the magical trail of Diamond, she is probably outside the Universe, but she seems to have streaked across a very popular universe on her way out, and, according to what I know of that universe, She might get back even stronger, the bad news is that I'm not sure in what universe She fell..."

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