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The Sun sets each day, though see it we do not. And Shimmering it leaves us, and another day ends. But as the Twilight starts, the day again shall come. So, too, we must Rise.

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  • 25 weeks
    Days in the Sun

    Yesterday, late yesterday, I released a story for Sunset Day. Days in the Sun.

    This, however, is different from my other stories, solely based off the genre.

    I had fun writing it, despite the genre.

    I hope to be updating my other stories, Wings of Time and the Rising Universe soon, but school is hectic this semester.

    Until next time!

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    That's right! I'm writing again!

    Today I updated Friendship Rising. I hope to be updating more regularly.

    I also have been working on Codename: Autumn, which is a fic that I have not released the actual title yet. It's going rather well. It should be released in a few months.

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    End of Month Progress Report: April (and March)

    Yes, I know I missed March, I'm sorry. So, I'll be covering two months this time.

    First, my numbers for March:
    8721 words for Friendship Rising
    1023 words for The Sunset Also Rises: Holiday Specials
    1016 words for The Love for Family, A oneshot set in Rose Quill's Homecoming Universe.

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    The State of the Universe

    Hello all, Lightning Striker here!

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    Editing, or Lack Thereof

    Hello again!

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The State of the Universe · 10:46pm Apr 11th, 2018

Hello all, Lightning Striker here!

You haven't seen an update in a couple of weeks, I apologize for that. The next chapter of Friendship Rising is actually complete, I just haven't hit publish, lack of confidence or something like that. I'll probably publish it tonight. But, I have had problems with writing it, probably because I didn't update. Instead, I have been working on a later book. I'm actually pretty proud of how that's going so far. 2 chapters of that are complete. Too bad that comes later. The Title shan't even be revealed.

But, now college is hectic. As well as being an officer in the fencing club. As an engineering major, it is already pretty busy. But finals is only 2 and a half weeks out, and I have 3 and a half until I'm done with that. I suspect I will get quite a bit of writing done finals week, as I'll have no actual homework, so I'll just be procrastinating.

Onto good news! I now have an editor! AilingStar. They have graciously ended me their time to help me out, so maybe check out their fics. The Sunset Also Rises has done pretty well as well. It was fun writing it. I think the fact that I don't truly have writer's block is good news, I just have shifted to a different portion of my project.

Anyways, I hope you are all doing well. Things will start happening again soon.

Lightning Striker out! ⚡

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