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Lightning Dust · 7:07pm Apr 11th, 2018



nobody will reasonably claim that Lightning Dust wasn't at fault in that episode, but whether or not Rainbow Dash and Spitfire were also at fault for the events of the episode and guilty of wrongdoing still manages to be a hot topic of debate when it's brought up. Was Spitfire simply unaware of Lightning Dust's reckless behavior or was she an unfair hypocrite for encouraging it and then punishing said behavior when it caused repercussions? Was Rainbow Dash torn because doing the right thing meant giving up her lifelong dream, or was she only bothered because she wanted to be team captain and when her friends were endangered? You get wildly different answers depending on who you ask.

Similarly, was whether or not Spitfire in the right for punishing Lightning Dust for the tornado incident at the end. Answers vary wildly depending on whether said fan blames Lightning Dust for pulling the reckless stunt to begin with, or blames Twilight Sparkle and her friends for flying blind into a live training area. Was it actually a hazardous stunt that endangered everyone, or was it only dangerous because of the flightless ponies in the blimp who shouldn't have been there to begin with? Was Lightning Dust's punishment appropriate, or excessive in light of how other villains (and heroes) got off easier for as bad or worse.


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