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    1. it is not going well.
    2. last day of school, so more time to work on it.
    3. it will have to be delayed by a lot, my writing (in terms of people talking to each other) has not improved much.
    4. I'm sorry, i failed my original deadline for my self.

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    I made a thing

    I made a short story... I think anyways. here we go, oh and I typed it in notepad so if it looks weird that's why.

    We started small, a labyrinth. The walls were outlined in white. We explored, moving as a camera on rails would. I decided to make an exit the the labyrinth we found

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I made a thing · 6:22am Apr 10th, 2018

I made a short story... I think anyways. here we go, oh and I typed it in notepad so if it looks weird that's why.

We started small, a labyrinth. The walls were outlined in white. We explored, moving as a camera on rails would. I decided to make an exit the the labyrinth we found
ourselves in. We entered a cave. He decided to add detail... geometric lines appeared. Detail was added, shapes grew more complex as we went further into the cave.
We added detail to ourselves. We started small, lines started appearing. We were growing more complex, slowly becoming as complex as the cave we were in. We explored
further. We found light, we moved towards it. The area grew more complex, stone made into... Rectangles appeared, more started showing up as we walked. The cave changed,
no longer a cave. Torches showed up, the light was found. We looked at ourselves. Our body had grown more complex, we were... Happy? We moved on, shapes became more
defined, no longer made purely out of lines. The world grew more complex. We looked at ourselves, we had changed. We had two... hands? yes hands. with five... fingers
on each hand. two arms connected our hands to our body. From our body we had a neck with a... Head? and two legs with feet. We were wearing armor, the armor was simple,
but complex. It was light-weight, flexible, but strong, sturdy. Striking a balance between heavy and protecive, with light and nimble. The armor had little in designs,
preferring a more simple look. Strong plates covered our shins, forearms, and thighs, with lighter plates covering our hands, neck and joints, most of the armor covering
our neck and joints was not metal. It looked and felt like... Leather? our fingers had small plates of metal to, between the knuckles until the tip of fingers, had armor, the knuckles
had thin cloth instead of leather. It felt strange. The chest plate was not a solid piece, around our... Waist? Was mostly leather with thin and long metal plates on our
ribs. smaller links of of set metal plates irregularly covered the gaps. A lot of leather was uncovered, the upper part of our chest had a more solid plate of metal. it
was heavy. the metal felt srong and durable... Safe. Our sides had more leather covering them, our back had a metal plate to, but it was more broken up, lighter. we had
a weapon, we unsheathed it. It was heavy too. It was strange, one side was longer than the other. One side was shaper than the other to, the less sharpend side was held
towards us. We examined it first, this side was the longer one, the edge was sharp but wide, like it was meant for cleaving. The other side was different. Sharper, meant
for cutting, no... Slicing. This was the shorter side, the edge was thinner as well. The cleaving edge was still held towards us. We examined the front of the weapon.
it was sharp, not as sharp as the slicing edge, but not as wide as the cleaving edge. Like it was striking a balance. We put down the sword. I examined our bag, He opened
it. It had food, dried meat, bread, and a small block of cheese. The bag also held three canteens of water, two were full, one was half empty. There was a journal. We opend
it, it had been written in, there was a lot of pages filled with writing. We skimmed through it. There was logs of missions, quests, bounties, taken and completed. there
were logs of adventures to. The most recent entry was this: {Day 312, I have entered a labyrinth today, I have yet to find my way out. I marked the path I had taken but when
I had followed it back the entrance was not longer there. I hope I can find my way out before I die.} We put the journal away. We picked up the sword and put it back in
it's sheath, the sheath was odd as well. The edges were covered but the middle of the blade was not. It was also positioned oddly, hanging from our lower back. We put the
sword in it's sheath... Sword does not feel right, it is to big. Zanbato? hmm... almost. We moved on. We were tired, we rested. T.H.E.Y. N.E.V.E.R. W.O.K.E. U.P.

The sword I was describing was based off of Cloud's First Tsurugi. I'm not sure if it's is a Zanbato or a great sword or a mix between the two. I know from the description that the buster sword is a Zanbato, but the First Tsurugi is not but most great swords a not really the size of final fantasy weapons. Please give thoughts, comments, advice below and again I know the formatting is weird i wrote it in Notepad, and i was trying to keep it all on one screen without scrolling. I also want to note that I started this thing today, I have another version of it. Its more detailed, has more stuff and things, but it's all stored in my head. Created in memory of Lewis Finch, may the king of all of the land of wonder, and the fish cannery worker rest in peace.

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