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A JD Review: MLP Season 8 Episode 4 - "Fake It Til You Make It" · 9:57pm April 7th

The one where Fluttershy tries to relate to the younger generation.

I'm just as horrified as you are.

Fashionista, Hipster, and Goth Fluttershy. With their powers combined, they make... a pretty good episode. Seriously, though, this episode was fun. Rarity basically needs Fluttershy to watch over her shop in Manehattan while she's working on a fashion show or something. In order to regulate well with the ponies coming into the shop, Fluttershy needs to don different personalities. Fluttershy's different personas were hilarious, but also a little cruel at times (poor raccoons). The message on inner strength was pretty good, too. I guess my biggest gripe was that I felt we've already gone over similar lessons before for Fluttershy.

Oh, well. Still a good episode. Hearing Fluttershy actually say "woke" and "lit" was probably worth it in the end.


What did you all think?

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Comments ( 6 )

MPD flutters confirmed. i liked the call backs, but i don't think i saw coco.

overall, i enjoyed it. especially the rundown on who rarity asked before finally asking fluttershy. of course, we're not gonna point out that they dropped everything to help fluttershy who pulled the best transition in the show: walking them out of the store.

I agree, it was a good episode. I understand how Fluttershy felt. An upscale store with an owner with a knack for EVERYTHING to be perfect and in style. If I was her, i too would be OVERwhelmed.


It was fun seeing Fluttershy's different personas, but it was weird that she started driving away customers when she did those different personas to sell to customers.

So she can just create multiple personality's at any time, huh I thought those things were caused by Birth Defects or Past Traumatic Experience that would some effects in the Mind

4835408 Oh, yeah, Rarity's previous ponies she asked to help were pretty funny. She asked the CMC to run her store. Child labor FTW.

4835441 That would be overwhelming. Poor Flutters. :fluttercry:

4835460 Another gripe I had.

4835538 Fluttershy has a past she's not telling us... :rainbowderp:

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