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What stories will I update? What's cancelled? · 4:29am Apr 7th, 2018

Hi everyone, thought I'd look through my stories and give you a status update: What's going to be updated, what's cancelled, what's on hiatus.

If you want to know if your favorite story will be continued or persuade me otherwise, this is the blog to do so. If you only came to see if Dash of Humanity 3 will be continued, scroll down a smidgen.

New Stories

I'm thinking of 2 new stories, as it's much easier to write something new than try to dive back into a year's old story. The first is a comedy story. The comedy would be written exactly like Scootaloo the Fugitive territory where I literally just write 1k words a day to keep me moving forward and not rusty. It worked out well the last time I did it and one of the biggest benefits is no pressure, just writing to write. It could also go horribly wrong without editors. Maybe that's half the fun. It's also not a shitfic, which I'm thinking of doing, but I'm not sure what kind of shitfic to write. Maybe a whole shitfic compilation?

The other thought was a Dark/Tragedy adventure that'd have it all. Basically big, epic, and probably time-consuming. But it could be really good. I'm just worried the desire for it to be really good would lead to long breaks between updates. Also the short description kicks ass so I don't want to be a cock tease and share it here just to decide it's too ambitious for my first story when I returned from hiatus.

Incomplete and being continued

Dash of Humanity 3 - No surprises here, I still want to finish out one of my most popular series. I took a hard turn in the 3rd story since I wanted to explore the whole Shattered vibe and explore courtroom drama, rape, and dealing with depression. However, that was years ago and I'm less interested in all those angles now. So we'll see what I decide to do about that. If I finish the story I can use Dawn in other stories. Another possibility is just skip 3 and start working on a 4th story set in season 8.

A Muffin a Day Keeps the Human Away - I don't see this being difficult to write by any means, so it'll remain on my list to update. I also don't imagine it'd take that many more chapters to finish, the main question is whether anyone is still around that wants to see it finished.

Carnage & Murder Crew - I've always wanted to do a slasher fic (blame Secret Life of Rarity). This one is dangerously close to cancelled territory, and the plot notes I had on it were rather intricate even for me. So I want to continue it if it doesn't become too big of a hassle.

Twilight's Dollhouse 2: Lyra's Quest - Hmm, well good news the major arcs are all in my outline to create a trilogy. The main stumbling block was minor arcs, and filling in the story. I think this one wouldn't be difficult to finish if I can get back into it, but it's also the oldest story on the list of things marked incomplete.

On Hiatus, possible continue?

Dirus Somnus - This one would probably be a re-write, I love Lovecraftian horror but I never really figured out the formula for this time-loop Lovecraftian-hellscape story. I may be the only one that wants to see more of this story, but better to be passionate when writing, then writing because of obligation.

MLP: Vore is Magic - Vore is swell, and I could see continuing this except for sheer lack of time, or maybe running out of ways for ponies to be food. This'll have to wait and see.

Ponymon: Gotta Copulate 'Em All - Probably going to get cancelled, it's a whole kinda wacky comedy shit-fic and I'm not sure I can get back into that headspace. I managed to do it once for a surprise update. So we'll see, but don't hold your breath. You'd be dead inside 4 minutes.

Slaver Rarity - Some people find violence sexy, or just prefer sex violent. Anyway, I'm not in much of a mood to write violent clop so this was moved to hiatus and we'll wait and see if a seedy underbelly resurfaces that wants to watch Scootaloo get tortured sexually or not. Also, just writing that sentence seems wrong, and this is from the person who wrote Sexual Locust. :rainbowlaugh: I guess I no longer thirst for blood.

Choose Your Own Clopventure - Might move this to cancelled status. Choose Your Own Adventures are fun to write but a bit tricky as Fim Fic isn't built to support it. That 300 word / chapter structure is really appealing though, writing small forks for choices is so easy a monkey can do it! Maybe that's why it has a standing invitation to collab. Just kidding! :scootangel:

Closing Remarks

So that's the state of my stories. If you want to comment on anything I missed or want to see continued, please do! Also if you're looking for some story you think I wrote and can't find or just want to check some one-shots, view the compilations: teen, mature, mostly clop.

The biggest challenge will be the age of the stories, picking them back up, and the fact they're pretty much stuck in season 4. If I want to use anything newer, like Starlight or the Tree of Harmony or reformed Discord... well I'm pretty much out of luck. If anyone has some genius ideas for time skipping my stories so I can throw some new characters in it, that'd be great.

And to be realistic, that's a pretty big list of incompletes above. I can probably manage to frequently update one not-serious / shitfic 2-3 times a week. A serious fic might get 1-2 updates a month. So dividing my effort between more than 3 stories at once would probably not be advisable. So let's get as much discussion as we can on which stories you want continued while I figure out which stories I want continued. We'll find where they over-lap and I'll get to work.

Also since you were all kind enough to read this far, feel free to Ask Me Anything™. Want me to just tell you how a story would have ended? Ask in the comments. You can also drop by my Kaidan's Fan Club Discord Server (It's a working title!) Discord is great if you want to give feedback on story ideas the moment I have them, or just AMA anytime of day to keep my mind on ponies and not other things I should be doing.

Comments ( 20 )

Please don't cancel : Ponymon: Gotta Copulate 'Em All. I thought it was funny as well as cloppy. At worst just keep it on hiatus. I personally would love to see more of it.

On Dash three I hope you continue it as is. yes dark but it is nice seeing Dawn, Dash, and Fluttershy interact. If nesseccary maybe have it the shorter of the stories. You could problably condense the court thing and not be to detail jsut enough to convey what's needed and focus on the trio. then go to 4. Glad to see you back though.

It'd also work as a warm up if I don't take it too seriously to write but that can be hard sometimes. It definitely is nice to ignore all the rules and just be wacky, so I'll see what I can do and keep it off the chopping block while I decide. Another issue was I didn't even finish Pokemon Sun... so its hard to make references to a game I haven't played in twice as long as I haven't been writing.

That was one thought I had, I could downplay or just have all the court stuff happen off-camera so I can focus on Dawn, Fluttershy, and Dash. I'll probably have to re-read the series again to nail the tone and interactions right. And I like the Dark, but maybe I've beat up the protagonist enough for now? Might be time for Dawn to have some good luck? I feel like the hope of a happy ending is the only reason anyone stuck around after the start of the 3rd one.

point. but this is something major and shouldn't be jumped over. Rereading is a good idea. This can be Dawn's real temple of doom story and the next be more light hearted.

More like this is Dawn's "The Last Jedi" :rainbowlaugh:
But good point. After all, how can a sequel about raising foals not be happy fun times?

Well at least some of the ones I really enjoyed are still going to be continued, so I look forward to those updates.

Oh please this is much better then that train wreck

Didn’t you say at the end of Scootaloo the fugitive u we’re going to write a sequel to it maybe.pls do

Yay, Carnage and Murder Crew gets continued :pinkiehappy:

Also, I kinda recall prereading Vore is Magic. If it gets another chapter, I'm available.

Dash 3 had some real potential for drama, but you have a really good point about coming back to something so intense after a year or so. I'd love for it to continue, but if the heart isn't in it then better to leave it alone.
Regardless, I'm glad to see the rest of KaidanNews, it's been too long mate, hope to see some new stuff soon. You've always been great! :twilightsmile:

hum i am sure you will get a bunch of hate over

Incomplete and being continued

Dash of Humanity 3 - No surprises here, I still want to finish out one of my most popular series. I took a hard turn in the 3rd story since I wanted to explore the whole Shattered vibe and explore courtroom drama, rape, and dealing with depression. However, that was years ago and I'm less interested in all those angles now. So we'll see what I decide to do about that. If I finish the story I can use Dawn in other stories. Another possibility is just skip 3 and start working on a 4th story set in season 8.

but i do agree this story #3 that is kind of got turned side wise and i had a idea.
cancel it and remove it totally than as you have time start a new version of story #3.
i hate to see it go as i really like he series but if it will make life easier for you as a author go for it.
i can say i love how dark this story is.

Glad to see Dash of Humanity on the list obviously. Would be sad to see Ponymon and Vore is Magic discontinued but understandable. I still return to those two frequently.

Gosh it's good to see you back again. It never ceases to amaze me just how broad a range of stories you could write. Dark, dramatic, romantic, fluffy, cloppy, funny... I never quite know what I'm gonna get with you other than I'm always impressed with the quality!

Will there still be an A Puppet To Her Fame sequel or no?

I'd forgotten about that but yeah that was one I wanted to continue.
I'll let you know if it continues so you can preread it. I'm thinking of writing something that doesn't need editing to warm up so I won't have to wait to find editors or prereaders.
I'll have to re-read it and see how I feel about the story.
That's always one option.
I should do something clop-related since I have a lot of fans of those stories, but at the moment I'm not in a clop mood. Maybe I Just need some inspiration.
I still want to do one and I think I've actually got an outline somewhere, but I'd have to spend a lot of time on it to make sure it's up to the quality of the first one.

You gotta continue Twilights Dollhouse 2, I've been waiting for this story to be updates for probably 2 years now lol, easily one of my favorite incomplete stories

Hey, how about more...
looks left
looks right
Twilight's Dollhouse

4855759 4836049
It's one I want to update too! I'll see how soon I can do something about it. :heart:

Sounds awesome, thanks for responding!

looking at this blog a possible idea for a dash of humanity 4th story set in season 8 would be dawns trials as a new mother? after all 11 months is a long time.

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