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    Story recommendations

    So in the story Green Fluttershy's mom is a super Bad Ass, and a part of the Royal Guard. This was pre-Canon, sure.

    But we're looking for stories that anyone thinks are good that has that sort of Fluttershy's Mom. A military mare, ultra badass, and in a good story.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • 121 weeks
    My OC.

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    OMC! I'm dying! ROFLMLO

    This vid. The creator made a challenge to make the most over the top demanding, entitled comment possible. My Comment (search A. H. ) was so over the top that I cracked myself up. Basically it was taking all the r/entitledparents, and the r/entitledparents that show up in r/beggingchoosers into

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    Thank all that's holy for Mythril Moth.

    For those who've never read Persona EG you should read it. It's the greatest muse in the history of muses. And one of the many reasons I love Mythril Moth as an author and creative genius.

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  • 149 weeks
    What's the name of this fic?

    I can't seem to find it in my favorites list. So it might've been lost during one of the updates where swaths of my favorited stories got unfaved.

    But there is a shooting star, and ponies make wishes upon it. And those wishes come true. Scootaloo's wish is for Rainbow Dash to be her sister. It's a good story, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of it XD.

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Depressing news. · 12:49pm Apr 5th, 2018

I just learned that Stephen Hawking's died last month on the 14th. What's depressing isn't just that he died. But much like Leonard Nimoy, his passing was with a whisper rather than the bang that Robin William's did. And yes, I'm still slightly salty about the fact that his death and the death of Michael Jackson made such huge waves. But Leonard Nimoy, who had a tremendous impact on many childhoods, barely made ripples. Especially on fimfic.

So yeah, that's what I learned. Hawking's died, and much like Nimoy it seems that noone really cares. Here's to you Hawking.

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I actually made a a blog on Leonard way back. Barely a response for it. Star wars got me into sci-fi but Leo got me into science and scientific facts.

Link please?

And yeah, pretty much same here (although it was Back To The Future that got me into sci-fi). He was a huge impact on my life, and was seriously an amazing actor (even if I am stumped by how Fringe ended ( I mean seriously the disconnect between S4 and S5 was mind boggling with how they changed his character without context or build up)).

I'm hoping Hawking is sitting down to a poker game with Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Leonard Nimoy, and Carl Sagan while they wait for Brent Jay Spiner to come and join the game. I'd love to hear the quips among that game group.

While on the sidelines Tesla is shooting lightning bolts to hell to zap Edison, while Poincaré pranks Einstein for not giving him credit as a source for "Einstein's theory of relativity".

But yeah that'd be a good poker table.

Well, at least Hawking died on Pi Day/Einstein's Birthday. That's certainly an interesting time to go out...

Rest in peace, you brilliant man. :pinkiesad2:

I see that and raise you:


Got'cha! I raise you a cookie and a blackhole brownie ^_^.

Stephen Hawking's Last Speech

Why don't I "Won the Internet"

Did you mean to say "Why don't I"? For the "You won the Internet" gif?

Well I thought it was obvious that you did indeed win the internet due to the image saying that you won the internet.

*looks back*

oh, wait, Congrats isn't the name of the other guy/girl

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