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I am a Canadian writer and not just of fan fiction. I want to spend my life telling stories. Also, I like to get to know my readers and I like when they can get to know me.

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  • 3 weeks
    Audio Book & Recasting

    Ok! I'm calling it on my 3 Missing VA's that they are not going to be moving forward with the project. So, as it stands I need to recast 11 of the characters. 4 of them are needed asap. Plus side though, Chapter 2 has it's entire cast so we are moving forward immediately with that.

    Please note that if you were uncasted in the role and still wish to continue please just let me know.

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    2 comments · 135 views
  • 4 weeks


    See that? THAT is progress. Yep, Finally got the first one up! I do have to recast a couple people before I continue but at least you got one chapter!

    4 comments · 118 views
  • 12 weeks
    Is This a Thing or Am I Just Weird? Also, I Think I'm Going to Go Crazy.

    I have so much stuff I need and want to do that I am PHYSICALLY uncomfortable. I keep stretching and wiggling by I can't find any comfortable position. I want to do stuff right now but, for one, it's 2 am and I need to be up by 9 and the fact that I have NO IDEA what to start with.

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  • 14 weeks
    Really Important Update an Apologies! I NEVER GIVE UP!

    First off, I need to apologize about the fact that I haven't updated you or anything. Second, I want to Clarify that I have not given up on the 'Scars of Our Past.' Audio book or the sequel, 'Tears of Sunlight'.

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    7 comments · 188 views
  • 22 weeks
    I was shipped at one point...

    Yeah i know right? I got a comment notification and it was a reply for a comment I made back in 2016 on a RWBY Fanfic and I totally forgot a few people shipped me and this other reader JinxAcolyte. We had somehow ended up reading the same stories and replying to each other's comments. this specific one I was commenting on turned into our mutually crappy places to live at the time and some one

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New Fan Fic! And Other news · 9:09am Apr 5th, 2018

Hey! Remember that really long blog post I released on Monday detailing my new Marvel Universe Fic? Yep, I took it down! It was a teaser and now that I'm into the actual outlining, I will release small details here and there, hyping up everyone's excitement if you have it.

In other News, I have decided to pick up my tumblr and twitter again! Twitter for constant updates on upcoming projects and, possibly some stuff involving a microphone????? Among other things. Tumblr is going to be the majority of my platform for the time being. Considering I'm going to start publishing short stories next year I might as well get it started now. I do wish I could make money of of this NOW, but honestly, it's fan fiction. I just come up with the story line, i don't own anything else except for my OC's.

Anyway, twitter is @JWolfSilver and tumblr is just J Wolf Silver. Look for my emblem. I hope to see you there.

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