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Found the show in late 2015, and fell in love with it. I also like D&D (3 and 3.5), Fansty novel and movie, Sci-Fi movies. MarbleMac is Best Ship and Flashlight is a fair second

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  • 2 weeks
    Retcon Alert

    Everyone who reads my series, well the show has made Grogar canon, which means rewriting The Revenge of Nightmare Moon:ajsleepy:.
    Well, I when I get to it, I hope you enjoy the changes and my answer to the Season 9 opener

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  • 29 weeks
    Taughts on Cozy Glow

    If you haven't seen the season 8 finale early, turn away now. SPOILERS ALERT!

    Okay everyone still here has seen it and the ending.

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  • 45 weeks
    Thoughts on story ideas

    Hey Everyone,

    I haven't given up on writing My Little Mages, it's just that of late, I started a second job and I don't have a much time to write.

    However, I have been thinking of other stories to write, outside of My Little Mages. But I would like some input.

    Idea A: an EQG Dragonball like series, with the role of Goku being filled by Spike.

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  • 54 weeks
    Comedy gold


    0 comments · 113 views
  • 56 weeks
    Was Fall of Equestria prophetic, given the Season 8 premier?

    That's not a rhetorical question.

    To get everyone up to speed, 'Fall of Equestria' is a series of fanfics that is based on the premise that our beloved Equestria was overrun and conquered by a war-loving, misogynistic, sex-drive tribe of caribou.

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    17 comments · 305 views

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