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Just your average memster/author. Also starting off as an artist.. [Pronouns: she/her]

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  • 92 weeks
    Soo... Yeah...

    My brother changed a bunch of my passwords, and I had to make a new Discord account. I tried making an alt on Twitter, and it told me to verify it with a phone, which I don't have. I tried logging in to Facebook, but I forgot the password. I can't log in to either of my Google accounts because he changed a bunch of shit there even though my mom and I both told him to leave those alone! The only

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  • 94 weeks
    I was bored...

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  • 97 weeks
    I logged on for the first time in a month...

    This is exactly what I saw.

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  • 111 weeks
    I'm useless

    I can't do anything right. I've ruined every friendship I've ever had. I'm annoying as hell. All I do is drive everyone apart. Everyone at school hates me. My own BROTHER hates me. Throughout my entire life, there have only been 7 people irl who paid me any sort of attention and didn't hate me on sight. As for the people who don't absolutely hate me... I just try my best to make them happy so

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Fact of the Week #5 · 7:57pm Apr 2nd, 2018

When Heather Masters was first contacted by Scott Cawthon, she reported him to the authorities! She knew he was famous, and thought the person who contacted her was a scammer. Shortly after that, they told her it was the real deal.

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