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Some samples of my drawings · 6:33pm Apr 2nd, 2018

Hi everyone. As you probably have noticed, one of my favorite activities is writing cute stories about diapered ponies :pinkiehappy:. But I also enjoy to draw (or at least trying to draw). So here you have some samples of my recent and old work at drawing :twilightblush:. I'm not so good at the moment, but of course I'm trying to improve with each drawing. At least I try to design my own cover arts for my stories as you have probably seen :twilightsmile:

You can follow my new creations on my FurAffinity page if you want to. Hope you like them and please be patient and kind with an amateur artist with vision troubles who only wants to have fun :scootangel:

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Comments ( 2 )

As a tip, I like to draw the frame of the body lightly first, then drawing clothes. That way the clothes contour correctly and don't look oddly shaped, which can happen frequently with poofy clothing such as diapers. I learned that the hard way.

4831652 Thanks for the tip. I have tried it sometimes, and it has been hard to me, but I know that the results are better. I will try it on my next drawings.

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