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That moment when your world breaks · 5:29am Apr 2nd, 2018

So I am working on an AU story of my AU story (Discovering Friendship) based around my favorite couple. Go on, guess! Bet ya can't guess! Did ya guess yet? Well you are wrong.


So the basic gist of this AU revolves around Vampires being out in the open and exposed to the world. And are welcomed thanks to Princess Luna fully supporting them. Which brings me to some bullet points that change the ENTIRE WORLD of Discovering Friendship.

-Princess Luna never becomes Nightmare Moon and takes the chance to bring Vampires and other 'supernatural' creatures to light, creating laws and helping them become a part of modern society.

-Discord never kills Starswirl. Meaning he never has to fake his death, go into hiding, etc. Which means he never meets Fluttershy's mother, which means Fluttershy is never born. He also has no reason to interact with Applejack, meaning Applebloom is never born.

-Without Discord's shenanigans there is nothing pushing Nightingale into dark territory in her research. Meaning Rainbow Dash is never cured, and dies soon after her father passes away. Which means Scootaloo also dies, without those notes, Rainbow's body as an example, and Twilight's intentions, there is nothing to save her.

-Since Luna is never sealed away as Nightmare Moon, her and Celestia still hold the Elements of Harmony. Discord - as Celestia's Consort, marries her, making them King and Queen of Terra. Without all the drama that befell her family with the Discord's Betrayal, they have a daughter. Princess Eris. (who exists in the main story, but takes off on her own after the drama)

-Still balancing whether or not Pinkie Pie even exists, as Eris leaving home and living as a normal human is what leads to her finding love and starting the family line that leads to Pinkie.

-Without someone hunting for her Magic, Twilight does not instantly catch Celestia's favor, rather she enters Celestia's school to prove herself and to further her understanding of magic. This also means Spike was never a part of her family.

-With Terra in a state of 'peace' (within Celestia's borders) the arch mage is a high position of power than many mages compete for. Becoming Arch mage requires a lifetime of work and many fall short. Twilight's family line has had several mages hold the spot, with Twilight's mother being the current Arch Mage.

-With Vampires being out in the open and properly policed, the infighting that leads to the death of Valiant and Jade Filigree, never happens. Meaning Rarity has a happy loving family and never leaves Celamont.

-Jade, rather than being a Hunter amongst the secret world of vampires, becomes a Bounty Hunter instead, saved by Valiant while on the job and falls for his charms.

-Vinyl, not having to face a horde of vampires in a revenge quest, grows up as a normal vampire, albeit a rather powerful one and is a proper role model for her sisters as she doesn't have to hide her life to protect them.

-Rarity still holds a bit of contempt for not only Vinyl, but her parents, as she does have to go through The Change as a normal vampire does and has to assist in Sweetie Belle's Change. Rarity devotes her time to studying her own kind to find a better way of dealing with The Change.

these are just the differences I have had the time to really think about.

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......... I'm really not sure how I feel about this AU.

to be honest, same. But there's a lot more to it than just this (And several other AU's being worked on) and this does have an effect on the main story that I can't spoil here.

that's what I have been thinking of, she would still be our lovable Pinkie of course, but her family would be keeping a leash on her antics(or at least trying to) with her being a noble of true Royal birth.

I have been bouncing idea's around to keep the others alive as well. Who says Marek's Disease has to take Rainbow's family or Scootaloo's? We are wiping several things off this slate, so why not that one?

I've also thought about having Fluttershy be one of Eris' daughters. Or even Celestia's daughter. Or maybe at one point Celestia and Discord had a rough patch and 'saw other people' for a while. (which also allows me to slip in a Son for Celestia) this does lead to me ending up with an entire Royal Family for this AU (which they might get a story as well Hint Hint)

Discord is Fluttershy's father in the main story

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